Oct 03 2018

New York State Association of Self-Insured Counties

The New York State Association of Self-Insured Counties was formed over 40 years ago to serve as a forum for all self-insured New York State Counties and other municipalities to exchange information and support the interest of municipal governments across the State.  Every year Municipal Members gather to join in on live round table discussions and openly share ideas and questions around workers' compensation and risk management topics.

Join Kevin Glennon as he presents "Managing the Needs of Aging Injured Workers" at this engaging round table event!

Apr 28 2019

RIMS Annual Conference

As the discipline of risk management continues to evolve, RIMS 2018 will help you take your company to the next level. Introduce new products, establish your presence in the marketplace, reinforce relationships with existing clients and discover new clients from your target audience—all for a great value—all at RIMS 2018. Reserve your booth space now for the leading risk management and insurance event. No other industry exhibition can provide you with the same top-notch buying audience that produces stellar results year after year!