Apr 17 2019

Webinar: Prosthetics - Maximizing Functional Potential

Join Clinical Review Manager, Jennifer McCarthy, and learn everything you need to know about prosthetics. You'll leave the webinar understanding the differences between different prosthetics, the importance of the socket design and fit and understand the impact physical and occupational therapy have on the overall success of the patient. 

Apr 28 2019

RIMS Annual Conference

Touted as the largest risk event of the year, RIMS provides a place to learn from an exception panel talking across a wide-range of risk-related topics. We'll be in the exhibit space sharing all of our cutting-edge workers' compensation solutions. 

Apr 29 2019

Webinar: The Black Hole - Post-Acute Care

Join Director of Clinical Education Hayley Tidwell as she dives into the black hole of post-acute care! There are many options when handling medical hospitalizations and this FREE webinar educates attendees on the best practices for handling these cases, the medical risks of prolonged hospital stays, and the financial impact these cases can have. 

May 08 2019

Webinar: The Biopsychosocial Approach to Excellent Outcomes

What is biopsychosocial, you may ask?! Find out in this engaging webinar with Michelle Despres. In this webinar you will learn what the biopsychosocial methodology is, how it can be applied to workers' comp cases to improve outcomes, and data showing the cost-effectiveness of the interventions. 

May 29 2019

Webinar: Hear Here: Audiology, Hearing Loss and Hearing Claims

Hear, here! Join Director of Clinical Education Hayley Tidwell as she educates on how we hear, the different causes of hearing loss and how it relates to you and your workers' compensation cases!