One Call Announces Business Transformation, Affirms Commitment to Exceptional Care Coordination

1 year ago

One Call Announces Business Transformation, Affirms Commitment to Exceptional Care Coordination

One Call has introduced new solutions, as well as a new visual identity and mission, vision, and tagline, communicating their commitment to getting people the care they need, when they need it.

Like many companies, the pandemic compelled One Call, a leader in workers’ compensation and ancillary services for Medicare and Medicaid, to take a hard look at its business. One Call took a proactive approach, recognizing early that the disruption would permanently change the way people work, identifying where efficiencies could be realized, and mobilizing quickly to support the American workforce. Now, One Call is enhancing processes and creating solutions to move people through their care journeys better than before.

One Call today announced a brand refresh, introducing an enhanced visual identity, mission, vision, and tagline that boldly reflect where the company is today and where it is headed. The refreshed One Call logo has evolved to be visually similar to the infinity symbol, illustrating connectivity, continuity of care, and the unlimited flexibility of solutions the company provides. The new typeface and color palette reflect One Call’s approach to their work: intelligent, innovative, and creative.

“We are excited about what this business transformation means for our care coordinators, our clients, our providers, and those we care for,” said Thomas Warsop, CEO of One Call. “With this brand refresh, we are affirming our commitment to getting people the care they need, when they need it, and championing our commitment to closely examining the entire process, from the time someone is injured at work to their return, to identify ways to improve outcomes for all stakeholders involved.”

One Call has taken several steps to improve experiences for all stakeholders:

  • Automated Manual Tasks. One Call is implementing new technology and enhanced workflows to automate manual tasks and reduce the administrative burden on care coordinators and adjusters. One Call collaborated with key providers to build an integrated scheduling platform that enables patients to view available time slots and book appointments directly from their devices, saving time and increasing convenience for patients and providers alike. One Call has already seen significant improvements through this automated system, including a roughly 70 percent decrease in the amount of time and effort it takes to schedule an appointment.

  • Added Notifications and Self-Service Options. One Call is also introducing notifications and updates that include a single view of a claim, inclusive of all the services coordinated, as well as functionality for intelligent self-service options, such as text messages to confirm, change, or cancel appointments.

  • Developed Return-to-Work Strategies. Through the pandemic, One Call was able to identify which solutions needed to be expanded or introduced. With employee safety becoming a paramount concern as companies developed return-to-work and work-from-home strategies, One Call quickly introduced its Workforce Wellbeing solutions, including health assessment technologies and virtual home workstation ergonomics assessments.

  • Increased Access to Care. One Call also expanded its non-emergency medical transportation services to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, reducing barriers to care for a broad population.

One Call continues to value flexibility, adaptability, and innovation. Workplace safety and delivery of care have been permanently changed by this crisis, and One Call remains ready to adapt quickly to shifting needs and lead the way in care coordination.

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