Coordinating Care from the Onset of a Complex Injury Improves Outcomes

9 months ago

Coordinating Care from the Onset of a Complex Injury Improves Outcomes

At One Call, we understand that when someone gets hurt on the job their world is turned upside down. Although we can’t erase what happened, we can step in to help make their recovery as smooth as possible.

We take a proactive approach to recovery. The earlier we can engage with an injured worker and all partners involved, the sooner we can develop and coordinate a care plan that leads to short- and long-term success.  

In 2017, this commitment to early engagement led to the creation of our Early Referral Notification® Program. Our team utilizes the program to coordinate medical supplies, equipment, and post-operative care prior to an injured worker’s discharge from a hospital or medical facility. This is particularly beneficial for injured workers who have suffered a complex or catastrophic injury. By having everything coordinated up-front, the injured worker can move on to the next phase of their care journey more relaxed and focused on recovering.  

When our team receives a referral through our Early Referral Notification® Program, we serve as an extension of a claims management team by answering important questions before an injured worker is discharged from a hospital or medical facility, such as:  

  • How will the injured worker get home? 
  • Do they have crutches or a wheelchair to get from the car into their house? 
  • How will they get around their house once inside? 
  • Will they have family support, or do they need a nurse aide to help them dress, shower, and prepare meals?

By answering these questions up-front, we can identify whether it’s best for the injured worker to return home with the help of a nurse aide or transfer to an in-patient rehabilitation facility. We can also coordinate transportation, physical therapy, and delivery of durable medical equipment, including mobility equipment and medical supplies. 

This proactive approach leads to real results. On average, our Early Referral Notification® Program saves clients $6,6001 per injured worker.  

Discover how our Early Referral Notification® Program and other Home Health & Complex Care offerings can benefit you. We’re confident we’ll lighten your workload and position your injured workers for long-term success.

Coordinating Care from the Onset of a Complex Injury Improves Outcomes



1. One Call national data. Reflects cost savings from injured worker claims from January 2020 – June 2021.

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