One Call University makes it easier to fulfill your educational needs. Through One Call University, Workers’ Compensation claims professionals can earn FREE CEUs without having to spend time away from the office.


We offer a robust variety of free CEU credits on a variety of certifications and licenses through One Call University. These credits are offered through monthly national webinars. Adjusters and nurse case managers in workers’ compensation are eligible for one CE credit for each one hour course. Below is a full list of certifications and states eligible to receive credits.

  • Nurses: RN, LPN, ARNP and CNA 
  • Nursing Certifications: CCM, CDMS and CRC nationwide
  • Adjusters: AL, AK, AR (on-site only), DE, FL, GA, ID, IN, KY, LA, MN, MS, MT, NC, NH, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA
  • CA: Workers’ Compensation post-designation
  • AAPC: American Academy of Professional Coders
  • Florida Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy


On top of our free national webinars, we also offer our customers the ability to schedule local presentations for their workers’ compensation adjusters and nurse case managers. We will send one of our subject matter experts to teach your adjusters and nurse case managers on topics that range from diagnostic testing to illness that affect their treatment plan. These sessions offer real-life scenarios to help your adjusters and nurse case managers learn the best practices of treating injured workers. Our on-site CE presentations can be tailored to your needs, scheduled back-to-back and cover multiple topics in one sitting.

Interested in scheduling one of our experts for on-site CE presentations? Contact your local One Call Account Manager and they will get you set-up!

Calendar Of Events

Check out our upcoming webinars!

Apr 17 2019

Webinar: Prosthetics - Maximizing Functional Potential

Join Clinical Review Manager, Jennifer McCarthy, and learn everything you need to know about prosthetics. You'll leave the webinar understanding the differences between different prosthetics, the importance of the socket design and fit and understand the impact physical and occupational therapy have on the overall success of the patient. 

Apr 29 2019

Webinar: The Black Hole - Post-Acute Care

Join Director of Clinical Education Hayley Tidwell as she dives into the black hole of post-acute care! There are many options when handling medical hospitalizations and this FREE webinar educates attendees on the best practices for handling these cases, the medical risks of prolonged hospital stays, and the financial impact these cases can have. 

May 08 2019

Webinar: The Biopsychosocial Approach to Excellent Outcomes

What is biopsychosocial, you may ask?! Find out in this engaging webinar with Michelle Despres. In this webinar you will learn what the biopsychosocial methodology is, how it can be applied to workers' comp cases to improve outcomes, and data showing the cost-effectiveness of the interventions. 

May 29 2019

Webinar: Hear Here: Audiology, Hearing Loss and Hearing Claims

Hear, here! Join Director of Clinical Education Hayley Tidwell as she educates on how we hear, the different causes of hearing loss and how it relates to you and your workers' compensation cases!

Jun 19 2019

Webinar: Improving Health Literacy for the Culturally Diverse

Improve your knowledge of cross-cultural difference and learn how healthcare literacy may impact patient compliance. Director of Clinical Education Hayley Tidwell will be educating on what cultural diversity is and how bringing awareness of cross-cultural difference can improve the claims process. 

Meet Our Subject Matter Experts

Our subject matter experts are established, well-respaced experts within the workers’ compensation space. They are ready and able to discuss an array of trending topics – from technology transformation to opioid alternatives.

New and Exciting Topics

  • Changing the Visit: Telehealth – What is it?
  • Exploring the World of Opioid Alternatives
  • Evidence Based Medicine in Workers’ Compensation
  • Biopsychosocial Approach: Uncovering the Hidden Aspects of Injuries
  • The Impact of Adding a Secondary Dental Claim
  • Age of Injury
  • Key Things Professional Should Know about MRI & CT
  • Upper Limb Prosthetics
  • Disruptive Technologies in Prosthetics
  • Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Superbugs
  • Telerehab: The Future is Here and Now
  • Industrial Rehabilitation Programs

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