One Call® CarePath™

CarePath™ focuses on the patient and their road to recovery through evidence-based injury recovery pathways. Our program implements holistic, individualized care based on the injury type with established return-to-work goals and outcomes.

How This Benefits You:

We have the same goals as you: to provide injured workers with individualized high-quality care while providing cost savings and creating alignment with your return-to-work goals. 

A Care Navigator™, your recovery pathway co-pilot through the recovery process, supports this program by addressing factors like comorbidities, pre-existing injuries and psychosocial factors. This is all done while monitoring the recovery process from the onset of injury through to return-to-work. We take all aspects of the claim into account to alleviate your administrative burdens and produce a positive, patient-centric recovery experience. 

Key Program Offerings:

  • Amputation Pathway℠ – manages new amputations and prosthesis replacement
  • Respiratory Pathway℠ - addresses and treats respiratory complications that arise from on-the-job situations where the lungs have been compromised
  • Spinal Cord Pathway℠ - manages complex spinal cord injuries
  • Surgical Pathway℠ - proactively assesses and coordinates care prior to a surgical procedure

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