COVID-19 Response Resources

We are committed to bringing you real-time, state-specific information about how each state will handle COVID-19-related workers’ compensation claims. To help you stay up to date with the latest legislative activity, we’ve compiled the following resources:

COVID State by State Updates

Updated as of April 30, 2020

This report includes key COVID-19 state-by-state updates on regulations, bulletins, executive orders, and other relevant activities.

Telerehab Regulations and Intrastate Licensure Report 

Updated regularly

This report outlines state-by-state changes in Telerehab regulations.

NCCI’s COVID-19 Legislative Activity Resource Page

NCCI’s Legislative Activity is an online resource for viewing relevant workers’ compensation-related bills that NCCI and the federal government monitors for all jurisdictions.

These resources are updated frequently, so please check back often.

We are One Call

While there is much uncertainty in the world, we remain dedicated to you and the injured workers we serve. 

We accomplish this by delivering an exceptional customer experience – service levels and scheduling times remain consistent – and evolving our solutions to meet injured workers where they’re at in their recovery: 

New ways to communicate and engage with injured workers:

Created text messaging campaigns to alert injured workers of scheduled appointments and options to confirm, change or cancel appointments. We’ve seen impressive response rates and improved turnaround times.

Alternative solutions for care continuation:

Partnered with our PT network providers to transition injured workers from brick-and-mortar treatment to telerehab where appropriate. This resulted in significant increases in telerehab capacity and enables injured workers the ability to continue therapy from the safety and comfort of their homes.

“New normal” preparations:

We are compiling real-time, state-specific information about how each state will handle COVID-19-related workers’ compensation claims. Additionally, One Call’s CarePath™ Surgical Pathway℠ is a great solution for injured workers with delayed surgery. We can help keep injured workers functioning and comfortable while they wait for surgery, while also coordinating pre- and post-op care now. Contact us at 

We’re proud of our team who remains focused on returning injured workers to the best quality of life possible. 

Thank you to everyone who has provided us with feedback during this time. If you haven’t reached out, we want to hear about your One Call experience throughout this pandemic. Email us at