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Sep 30 2020

Physical Therapy vs Opioids: Conquer Chronic Pain with Safe Alternatives

Opioid overuse, misuse, addiction and overdose have created a national health crisis. The cost of this epidemic is staggering, not including the invaluable costs- loss of life. Injured workers may suffer injuries that require medical treatment resulting in chronic pain. Opioids can be successful if dosed responsibly and are part of an appropriate medical treatment plan, but there are alternative treatments available that can mitigate the risks associated with misuse and addiction to these drugs. The Centers for Disease Control issued voluntary guidelines that urge prescribers to consider alternatives to opioids, such as physical therapy, when treating musculoskeletal disorders. This webinar will delve into the opioid crisis and share how physical therapy and other alternative treatments can provide safe and effective recovery from chronic pain.

Oct 28 2020

Clinical Management of Physical Therapy in Workers’ Compensation

Every injury comes at a price, whether that be direct or indirect. Join our PT expert, Michelle Despres, for a thought-provoking webinar to discuss common ways in which work-related injuries occur as well as common clinical management strategies that will help improve the management and outcomes of physical therapy in workers’ compensation. Furthermore, we will relate the facets of successful therapy management in workers’ compensation.