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Mar 17 2021

Impact of Adding a Secondary Dental Claim

Presented by: One Call University

Dental care may not be top-of-mind following a workplace injury, but if not proactively managed, a secondary dental claim could arise and result in extensive treatment following the initial claim. This webinar will identify how a secondary dental claim can occur and will address the medical necessity of dental treatment. The course will also discuss the costs associated with secondary dental claims and breakdown potential medical expenses that could result.

Apr 14 2021

Lifetime Cost for Prosthetics

Presented by: One Call University

For the millions of Americans who have lost a limb due to disease or injury understand that their way of life is forever changed. While incredibly traumatic, amputees can regain some, if not all, function through the use of a well-crafted prosthetic – returning independence and a positive mental outlook. Discover what considerations are made when determining the style, frequency of replacement and cumulative cost for maintaining a prosthesis.

Apr 19 2021

Ergonomics: Working from Home is the New Normal, Not a New Injury

Presented by: Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS)

With the onset of a worldwide pandemic, we found ourselves living and working “safer at home.” We had to adapt quickly – using our couch, dining room table, and a myriad of other places as a home office. For many of us, this situation evolved into a permanent, new normal; however, these makeshift set-ups pose the potential for injury. Join us to discover proactive ways to keep your new remote workforce safe and efficient at home.