Balancing Injured Worker Outcomes and Cost Containment

As healthcare professionals, we strive to improve upon, and ultimately, redefine the patient experience. While guided by good intentions, it can be tough to strike the right balance between patient satisfaction/outcomes and cost containment, especially in workers’ comp. To achieve both, it’s critical to start with a high-quality provider network from which to work from.

Please note: this event has been rescheduled. A new date and time is to be determined and will be announced in the coming weeks.   

Feb 22 2023

Manage Pandora’s Box of Comorbid Conditions

As the population ages and obesity continues to become an epidemic, there are multiple comorbid conditions that affect the time it takes for injured workers to heal and return to work. Two major comorbidities, diabetes, and obesity are usually viewed in tandem.

In workers’ compensation, treatment is often siloed into discrete paths of care resulting in higher costs and extended durations for claims. CarePath™ can provide a more integrated approach to address these issues.

Mar 22 2023

Understanding Dental Claims: Providers, Terms, Treatments

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize normal anatomy and tooth numbering
  • Identify signs and symptoms of dental trauma
  • Review the various dental specialty providers and common practice for securing treatment for a workers’ compensation claim
  • Discuss restoration options and how to handle and close the dental claim
  • Discuss pre-existing conditions and how they impact function and restoration options