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Sep 29 2021

Rethinking Pain: Treating the Person AND the Injury

When an individual is hurt on the job, it is important to not only identify the physical injury, but also acknowledge any emotional or environmental barriers – such as financial stress, lack of social support, or depression – which overtime, could impede recovery and create new complications. This care philosophy is commonly referred to as a biopsychosocial approach – taking a holistic view of the patient and proactively addressing recovery roadblocks.

During this webinar, we will examine biopsychosocial risk factors that can delay recovery, identify ways this approach can improve return-to-work outcomes, and discuss how injury prevention and wellness programs can impact claims frequency and outcomes.

Oct 13 2021

Beyond PT Basics: FCEs, Work Conditioning, and Ergonomics

The goal for every injured worker is a quick recovery and a safe return-to-work. In some cases, it takes more than traditional physical therapy for an injured worker to fully recover the mobility or motor skills required to do their job. 

When additional intervention is needed, there are several tools – such as work rehabilitation, ergonomic assessments, and functional capacity evaluations – that can help evaluate whether an individual’s functionality meets the requirements of a specific job. In this session, we will examine how each tool can support an individual’s recovery outcomes while minimizing the risk of re-injury.  

Dec 01 2021

Workplace Concussions and Mild Brain Injuries

In recent years, concussion injuries have made national headlines due to emerging data showing the effects mild brain injuries can have on an individual if not properly treated. Although these stories are often highlighting professional athletes playing contact sports, these types of injuries can also happen in the workplace.

During this webinar, we will define concussions and mild brain injuries and identify signs and symptoms, treatment options, and the long-term cognitive implications. Key for workers’ compensation professionals, this session will also provide examples on how to assess workplace safety risk factors and review the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) for individuals returning to work following a concussion.