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RIMS Review: Will Smith on Outcomes, Openness, and What You Don’t Know

During our time at RIMS 2017, we had Workers’ Comp industry stakeholders participate in WorkCompWire’s “RIMS Review” series, focused on what to look for this year, and key takeaways from the conference!

Here’s what Will Smith, Chief Product Officer at One Call Care Management had to say:

What do you believe will be the most significant development in the Worker’s Comp industry for this year?

We’ve all seen an increased focus on outcomes over the last several years. It would be a constant uphill battle to maximize results without a deliberate focus on improving the overall patient experience and their level of engagement. Our organization has placed heavy emphasis on patient centricity while investing in service excellence, technology, and product innovation for the benefit of our shared patients and the level of engagement in their individual recovery and care plans.

For example, we are pioneering the use of ridesharing via transportation network companies, to provide full transparency and streamline the ambulatory transportation process within our industry. There are many advantages to doing this, but the impetus was to improve the patient experience while removing the administrative burden for our customers. That was the goal, and now patients, as well as the claims and clinical professionals responsible for their care, have dramatically improved visibility into details regarding each ride. They know who the driver will be, the type of vehicle and license plate that will be used, as well as when the driver will arrive. If they’d like, they can even see a map with the driver’s location while en route to their pickup. Claim outcomes will ultimately improve because patients get to their medical appointments with far greater consistency and reliability. Patient engagement has been enhanced in a way that was previously unavailable increasing their visibility and ownership of a critical piece of their recovery with full transparency to our customers.

What is the top challenge you and your organization are currently working on?

Our customers need more information. A client recently stated, “Tell me something about my business that I don’t know.” This is our responsibility. It’s one of our biggest challenges and one of our greatest opportunities. A key element to being able to improve patient outcomes and engagement is leveraging data to gain prescriptive and actionable insights that may not otherwise be obvious. We have made strategic acquisitions in terms of our data platform, people and tools, which have significantly advanced our analytical capabilities. As such, we are well positioned to do more with our customer’s data, in a secure environment, while telling them things about their business that they may not know.

The RIMS Conference always has some great takeaways – what was one for you?

There is a clear opportunity to build industry changing, strategic partnerships in a non-traditional way. It’s always striking that the exhibit hall is filled with so many companies offering various solutions, and the common trigger for all of it, in terms of workers’ compensation, is that someone was injured on the job. When you boil it down, all of the vendors at the conference are covering numerous components across the continuum of care and aggressively managing their respective piece(s). However, if we can all agree that our compass is improving the patient experience, and we are willing to share more openly and a bit less competitively at times, there are many shared opportunities to increase patient engagement and our customer’s results. We must be willing to possibly disrupt some of the historical norms that exist in order to build better solutions for our industry.

What is one thing you’d like to promote?

As an organization, we are laser focused on improving and innovating the overall experience of both the patient and the community of claims and clinical professionals responsible for their care. It’s really been a three-part evolution.

First, our broader strategy is highly customer- and patient-centric and rooted in advancing innovation in service delivery, technology, and product. We subscribe to the belief that we will drive change by leveraging our resources to significantly improve and ultimately change the user experience with real solutions. These solutions will be enriched with direct feedback and criticism from the valuable stakeholders within the workers’ compensation ecosystem. Achieving excellence in this area is how we measure success for our employees and as a business.

Second, we are organizationally aligned to execute against our approach and excited about significant investments we are making in technology, quality/data analytics, and the further development of strategic partnerships.

Third, we are aggressively and deliberately looking to disrupt the status quote, starting with our own processes and with the intention of blazing a path to the best practices that best support our customers and the individuals they serve.

Will Smith, Chief Product Officer at One Call, began his career with One Call at MSC Care Management, a legacy One Call company. Will served as Chief Operating Officer prior to becoming Chief Product Officer.

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