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One Call and Spreemo Health Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership to provide greater diagnostic choice, advanced data science, and a powerful operational platform

 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (August 2, 2017) — One Call Care Management (“One Call”), the nation’s leading provider of workers’ compensation care management services with a best-in-class customer service platform, and Spreemo Health (“Spreemo”), an analytics company with a superior data-driven framework for quality care, today announced a new strategic partnership to improve the quality and value of radiology services for patients across the country. 

By aligning One Call’s high-quality, broad-access network, operational expertise and proven claims management process with Spreemo’s industry-leading quality analytics and clinical research, this partnership brings together the unique strengths of two best-in-breed leaders in diagnostic care. Each company will now be able to focus on its respective areas of expertise to collectively deliver the highest-value radiological solution in the workers’ compensation marketplace. 

Going forward, One Call will assume responsibility for the referral management portion of Spreemo’s existing operations and infrastructure. Spreemo, in turn, will focus solely on the quality analytics portion of its existing operations, retaining sole ownership of its clinical initiatives and related data science infrastructure and continuing to operate as an independent company while providing its cutting-edge quality metrics to One Call’s network and customer base through a long-term licensing agreement. 

“Our customers have been demanding more choice and more sophisticated product innovation in diagnostics, and that is exactly what this partnership provides,” said One Call Chief Product Officer Will Smith. “Both One Call and Spreemo recognize the need to invest in next-generation solutions that will deliver better performance for our customers and better care for our patients. By working together, we will provide our customers and the patients we serve with access to a more advanced diagnostics solution.” 

“This partnership benefits patients, payers, and providers alike,” said Spreemo CEO Ron Vianu. “Every injured employee in the country will now have access to the right radiology provider for his or her injury or illness, further cementing our metrics as the accepted currency of quality in radiological care. Our clients will also benefit from One Call’s extensive service delivery infrastructure and well-established channel partnerships.” 

Current customers will continue to access both companies through normal business channels. As the partnership matures, customers will enjoy an expanded menu of diagnostic solutions from which they may choose the balance of access, cost and quality that best suits their organization’s needs.


One Call is the nation’s leading provider of specialized solutions to the workers’ compensation industry and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. One Call’s solutions enable faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective claims resolution with a focus on injured workers’ needs across the continuum of care. For more information, visit www.onecallcm.com. 


Spreemo Health, ranked among North America’s fastest-growing companies in 2015 and 2016, works with a rapidly expanding portfolio of Fortune 100 companies to connect clients covering tens of millions of patients with the highest-quality radiology providers nationwide. To better identify those providers, Spreemo Health founded the Quality Research Institute to lead the development of an objective, data-driven understanding of the emerging science of quality. 

Media Contact: Laura Land  // Vice President of Marketing, One Call Care Management // Laura_Land@onecallcm.com

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