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Women in Leadership: Inspiring, Motivating and Empowering

1 year ago

Women in Leadership: Inspiring, Motivating and Empowering

Last year, we highlighted some of the female trailblazers within senior leadership at One Call. We spotlighted their achievements, lessons learned and advice for other women striving to succeed professionally.  

The One Call Women’s Group

The featured women have something in common – they all belong to the One Call Women’s Group, a group formed by women, for women. The Women’s Group meets on a regular basis to learn, share and support one another without judgment. Members push each other to be great leaders: to demonstrate positivity, exude self-empowerment, embrace diverse points of view, and play an active role in empowering the up-and-coming women of One Call and the world.  

Focus of 2019

This year, we will continue our mission of empowering women by expanding our features to female leaders at different levels within the company. No matter the title, all women need support, encouragement and champions throughout their careers. Our goal is to offer up professional advice and insights by women for women. We’ll cover topics such as developing confidence and learning how to speak up, overcoming perfectionism, and how to successfully re-enter the workforce after taking time away.

Here’s to inspiring the next generation of women leaders!

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