Will Smith Discusses Preventative Solutions for a Newly Created Workforce

1 year ago

Will Smith Discusses Preventative Solutions for a Newly Created Workforce

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of the world, including the way we live and work. In response, One Call has expanded its offerings to include Workforce Wellbeing, a suite of solutions focused on safety, injury prevention, and wellness for a newly created workforce.

Will Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at One Call, recently spoke with Melissa Ross of WJCT – a Jacksonville-based NPR affiliate – about how these solutions can be a resource for companies and their employees.

Listen to Will Smith's radio interview with WJCT, a Jacksonville-based NPR affiliate

One Call has spent more than 30 years coordinating care for injured workers and analyzing all of that data to achieve the best recovery outcomes. Workforce Wellbeing analyzes the data from a new lens – looking further upstream to provide insights on how to keep employees healthy and ultimately prevent injuries from occurring:

Workforce Wellbeing Solutions

  • Safety:
    As employees return to work, we can help employers properly prepare their facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through: 
    • Health screenings
    • On-site COVID-19 testing
    • Symptom management education and protocols
    • Contact tracing
    • Distribution of personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure employee safety
  • Wellness:
    Prior to COVID-19, only seven percent of the U.S. workforce had the option to regularly work from home. The pandemic rapidly changed that, forcing millions of employees to work remotely. As a result, many are not equipped with the proper equipment or workspace, leading to poor posture, or worse, injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and sprains/strains. Our team can provide tools and resources to prevent this, including:
    • Ergonomic and workplace assessments
    • Printable wellness guides
    • Creation of company-sponsored wellness programs  
  • Injury Prevention:
    The importance of injury prevention has been top-of-mind for many as furloughed employees with physically demanding jobs return to work after months of being sedentary.   We can help address these concerns through:
    • Work hardening and conditioning programs
    • Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)/Fit for Duty Testing to ensure employees are ready for workplace demands

We are here to customize a set of solutions for you and your employees. Click here to learn more about our Workforce Wellbeing solutions or talk with an expert to have all of your questions answered.

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