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3 years ago

Using Data, Technology and Prevention to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims Risk

One Call Physical Therapy experts share the latest on predictive analytics, injury prevention and wearable technology at the Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (August 8, 2017) – How to use the latest technologies and programs to prevent, heal and keep employees healthy was the topic of “Managing Risk: Prepare, Predict and Prosper,” presented August 7 at the Workers’ Compensation Institute’s 72nd annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference in Orlando. 

“The proliferation of smart technology and predictive analytics is revolutionizing the way injured employees receive treatment, which is leading to a healthier workforce,” said Michelle Despres, vice president and national product leader for One Call Physical Therapy, a division of One Call Care Management (One Call). 

Highlights of the presentation included: 

  •  The role of non-discriminatory post-offer employment testing (POET) to determine if a prospective hire is physically capable of doing the job for which they will be hired 
  •  A demonstration of the exoskeleton, a device that allows people who are paralyzed or severely injured to walk again 
  •  An explanation of how telemedicine and wearable technology are used in physical therapy to help patients be compliant and do their exercises correctly 
  •  Suggestions for creating wellness programs through sharing community resources, as many firms find they cannot afford onsite fitness centers 
  •  Advanced therapy programs for injured employees like work conditioning 

The return on investment of these options can be substantial. For example, Despres noted that a single hire who is not physically capable of doing the job is not only at risk for injury, but can cost an employer $50,000 or more in lost productivity and other expenses. 

“Being continuously proactive on workers’ compensation claims is a tremendous challenge,” concluded Despres. “However, the outcomes are so dramatically better and less costly that it makes sense for employers to make it a priority.” 

One Call will also be participating in the conference’s Health Fair running through August 9. 


About One Call Care Management 

One Call provides specialized solutions to the healthcare industry. One Call has locations throughout the United States with its corporate headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida. One Call’s solutions enable faster, more efficient and more cost-effective claims resolution with a focus on patients’ needs. One Call provides reliable, consistent connections to care with expertise in healthcare data analytics, high-end diagnostics, physical therapy and transportation services, post-discharge home care and durable medical equipment, dental and doctor specialty services, complex care management, and the language services required for today’s multicultural workforce. For more information, visit and follow us @onecallcm on Twitter.

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