CEO Thomas Warsop Participates in Panel Discussion about the Future of Workers’ Compensation

1 year ago

CEO Thomas Warsop Participates in Panel Discussion about the Future of Workers’ Compensation

Last April, at the onset of the pandemic, Out Front Ideas innovators, Kimberly George and Mark Walls, invited four CEOs to participate in a panel discussion addressing COVID-19 business continuity challenges impacting the workers’ compensation industry. The panelists discussed regulatory challenges, financial strains, business impacts, and limitations when accessing care.  

Back by popular demand, the panel recently reconnected to discuss COVID-19’s continued disruption to our industry and shared thoughts on how to move forward successfully.

Panelists included:

  • Thomas Warsop, CEO, One Call
  • Keith Newton, Chairman, President & CEO, Concentra
  • Dave North, President & CEO, Sedgwick
  • Mark Wilhelm, CEO, Safety National

COVID-19 has forced the industry to reevaluate and change the way we protect our workforce, communicate, manage claims, and provide the best treatment for injured workers. This one-hour session, The Path Forward: Industry CEO Perspectives, provides thought-provoking conversation on the future of the industry.

To access the session, CLICK HERE

It is no secret the world has forever changed because of the pandemic. During the session, One Call CEO Thomas Warsop discussed how businesses need to proactively respond to this new environment. He shared how One Call, a historically post-injury solutions provider, has expanded its care model to offer employers preventative solutions.

“What became very clear, very quickly, was that organizations were going to need a great deal of help to prevent workplace injuries and reduce the spread of virus. As a result, One Call implemented a new suite of offerings to better meet the needs of our customers,” said Warsop.

The session continued with other insights, including:  

Never let a good crisis go to waste
A powerful quote from Winston Churchill, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We’ve all been through a crisis as a result of the pandemic. It’s important to take what we’ve learned to create a better situation for ourselves moving forward.

Telehealth is here to stay
COVID-19 exposed nearly five percent of the population to the world of telehealth – many of these individuals will continue to utilize this platform due to its efficiency and convenience. In addition, technology will continue to improve, enabling telehealth to be a conduit for expanded access to healthcare.

Proactively respond to COVID-19 claims
An increasingly debatable conversation continues – who is responsible for covering COVID-19 claims costs? Nearly seven million U.S. residents have been diagnosed with the novel virus, and these individuals require a wide range of care. While nearly 80 percent recover without lasting symptoms, there is a significant minority that will require extended care and support long after they test negative from virus. As an industry, we must take a proactive approach when processing these claims – understanding the unique and complex needs of these individuals.

“Back to normal” is not an option
As an industry and as a society, we must accept that the world will never be the same. We can no longer wait until things get “back to normal” because they never will. We must look ahead, recognize the needs of the world, and begin to create a new tomorrow.

For more insights, listen to the one-hour session in its entirety (link above). Regardless of what the future holds, we guarantee you’ll walk away feeling inspired and prepared to take a step forward.  

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