Take the Complexity out of Home Health and Complex Care

10 months ago

Take the Complexity out of Home Health and Complex Care

By Linda Colsen, VP of Product Management, One Call 

When people are asked to name the most important things in life, health and home are two of the top five answers given.1 

So it makes sense that when these two worlds collide in workers’ compensation, cases can become more complex in nature. Instead of receiving care at a medical facility, injured workers must open up their home, their private place of comfort, at a time when they are already feeling vulnerable. The mental, emotional, and physical intricacies of each unique situation can make these claims difficult to navigate. 

Our Home Health & Complex Care program, which includes CHAP Home Medical Equipment accreditation, is overseen by a team of seasoned industry experts who know how to navigate these intricacies so they don’t become pitfalls within the care journey. Our team lightens the workload of adjusters and nurse case managers by supporting them through the care journey, breaking down complexities before they develop, and positioning injured workers for long-term success.


Lighten Your Workload 

With many moving and ever-changing parts, home health care cases can quickly become confusing, complicated, and time consuming. But don’t let them. We spent the last 30 years developing a full spectrum of services we utilize to coordinate care for injured workers.

Care is coordinated by our experienced team who has seen it all, making them well-equipped to develop customized healthcare journeys for injured workers, no matter how complex the case. Whether your injured worker needs the coordination of round-the-clock nursing services, compassionate home health aides and therapists, specialized equipment, or timely delivery of medical supplies, we partner – and remain in lockstep – with you.

Breakdown Complexities

We have developed three proprietary programs that aim to simplify the complex care journey and avoid potential pitfalls. 

Early Referral Notification® Program

For injured workers who have suffered a complex injury, returning home from a hospital or medical facility is especially stressful as they realize their life may never be the same post-injury. And coming home without proper equipment or home health services can compound that stress.  

Our Early Referral Notification® program ensures the necessary services and equipment are coordinated and in the home prior to an injured worker’s discharge from a medical facility. It is as simple as notifying us at the point of admission. As soon as our team is alerted, we immediately reach out to the discharge planner to begin coordinating care before the patient leaves the facility.

In-Patient Facilities SolutionSM

One Call’s solution ensures injured workers are placed at appropriate facilities where they will receive the right care, for the right length of time, at the right cost, and continue with a seamless transition to the next stage of their rehabilitation. 

According to the American Hospital Association, strategies to effectively manage post-acute care include reducing unnecessary use of more intensive facility-based settings by referring patients to lower cost settings, establishing preferred relationships with post-acute providers that have demonstrated good outcomes, and investing in systems and personnel to coordinate care transitions effectively.2

Home Health Gold Standard Review

Once an injured worker makes it home, our team keeps a close eye on an injured worker’s progress. If, at any time, we feel they may be derailing from their recovery plan, we can initiate our Home Health Gold Standard Review, a detailed assessment of both appropriateness and quality of care. From there, we work directly with you to implement any recommended changes and continually partner with you to ensure care is back on track. 

Achieve Injured Worker Long-Term Success 

Many injured workers receiving care at home are coping, adapting, and adjusting to their new normal, all while physically recovering. Their mind, emotions and physical body are all trying to keep up with what has just happened. We are sensitive to the severity of these situations and dedicated to helping injured workers feel comfortable, healthy, and normal again. 

Our team accesses innovative solutions, such as sophisticated equipment and technology, to empower injured workers to live life again. From standing wheelchairs and exoskeletons to creating a smart home, we have seen how these enhancements can provide a much-needed glimmer of hope. This leads to happier injured workers and easier, long-term claim management for you. 

With our team’s support, there is simply no reason complex home health cases need to be complex. Coordinating care for injured workers is not just our job; it’s our passion. Allow us the opportunity to lighten your workload, confidently knowing we have got you and your injured workers covered every step of the way. 

Learn more about how our Home Health & Complex Care solution can benefit you. 

Take the Complexity out of Home Health and Complex Care


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This article originally appeared in WorkCompWire.

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