Standing Ovations: Getting Injured Workers Literally Back on Their Feet

1 year ago

Standing Ovations: Getting Injured Workers Literally Back on Their Feet

In the United States alone, there are more than 17,000 spinal cord injuries every year - 78 percent occur in males and most are caused by falls or vehicle crashes. When an individual is so severely injured that they lose their ability to stand or walk, there are many complexities to their recovery journey – healing physical wounds, adjusting to a new way of life, and addressing emotional and psychological scars.

Zack Craft, vice president of durable medical equipment, recently gave a heartfelt presentation about the importance of returning functional independence to injured workers through medical devices, such as standing power wheelchairs and exoskeletons. These technology-driven advancements are enabling injured workers who were previously wheelchair-bound to stand and walk again, thus positively impacting their day-to-day functionality, clinical outcomes, and overall wellbeing.  

The ability to once again do things we take for granted – such as looking someone in the eye when having a conversation or grabbing the milk out of the refrigerator – ignites confidence, self-esteem, and an excitement to actively participate in life again.  

Watch Zack’s presentation to learn more about recent technology advancements, the positive impact claims professionals can have on individuals, and, most importantly, the physical and emotional improvements injured workers can experience as a result of their renewed ability to stand.

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