Selecting the Right In-Patient Facility Can Create Optimal Recovery Outcomes

8 months ago

Selecting the Right In-Patient Facility Can Create Optimal Recovery Outcomes

A message from Senior Director of Clinical Products Michelle Ford, RN, BSN  

For nearly 13 years, I have had the honor of serving on the One Call team, helping injured workers along their recovery journeys. Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand the impact the right in-patient facility can have on recovery outcomes, especially for those suffering from a complex or catastrophic injury.  

That is why in 2015, we created the In-Patient Facilities SolutionSM, a solution designed to transition injured workers, as needed, to high-quality post-acute care facilities following discharge from a hospital or medical facility.  

Please take a moment to watch my short video to learn more about this program.  

Michelle Ford shares how the right in-patient facility can create optimal recovery outcomes for injured workers. 

How Does the In-Patient Facilities SolutionSM Work? 

Our experienced team has built strong relationships with rehabilitation facilities across the country. Each facility is unique in terms of the benefits, specialties, and range of treatments offered.  We work directly with the adjuster or nurse case manager to recommend and select a facility that will best support their injured worker’s needs. Once at the facility, we monitor an injured worker’s recovery to ensure they are at the right facility for the appropriate length of time. As recovery benchmarks are met, we proactively suggest step-down treatment facilities. 

As a result of ongoing, comprehensive oversight, we reduce claim costs and achieve positive recovery outcomes. 

From Injured to Empowered: A Real-Life Example  

Our In-Patient Facilities SolutionSM can lead to unimaginable recovery outcomes. Let me give you a real-life example to demonstrate the program’s impact.  

A while back, we received a claim for a young man in his 20s who suffered a severe spinal cord injury and was told he would likely never walk again.   

First, we identified a care facility that would best address his specific injury. Then, we collaborated with the facility to ensure they had the proper equipment for his therapy plan. Once approved, his recovery team quickly got to work. Over the course of his treatment, we continued to track his recovery and coordinated transitions to lower-care facilities as he progressed.   

By the time he was discharged, this young man was walking again, with the help of a walker, and able to live on his own in an ADA-compliant apartment. Ultimately, we developed and coordinated a customized recovery plan that placed him in the right facilities, for the right amount of time, in order to treat his injury. It’s stories like these that inspire our work every day. Allow us the opportunity to coordinate your injured workers’ in-patient facility needs. We’re confident we’ll lighten your workload and position your injured workers for long-term success. 

Selecting the Right In-Patient Facility Can Create Optimal Recovery Outcomes

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