The Nurse Case Manager: A Master of Project Management

3 years ago

The Nurse Case Manager: A Master of Project Management

Nurse case managers are the ultimate project managers. Like a complex project, they view an injured worker from all angles – then they fill gaps, connect pieces and ensure everyone is talking. The end result – shorter claims, lower medical costs and a happier, healthier worker.

Risk & Insurance recently featured three of our thought leaders in a nurse case management series that draws attention to the spectrum of care nurse case managers provide through education, holistic approaches and innovative solutions.

We invite you to learn more about the vital role of nurse case managers, as demonstrated in each article.

Thrown from a Horse: How Technology Gave One Worker His Life Back

As workers’ compensation technology continues to grow, nurse case managers find the right devices to foster independence and cut costs. Kevin Glennon, national product leader for home health and complex care, provides a real-life example of how technology empowered an injured worker to be independent and enjoy all of the hobbies he loved prior to injury.

Learning from the Best: Nurse Case Managers Educate Claims Professionals on Injury

Senior Clinical Care Specialist Hayley Tidwell discusses the important role nurse case managers take on as educators, especially when navigating complex and catastrophic claims.

”Adjusters are taking care of the claims, but they don’t always have the understanding, background or knowledge on the medical side. Nurses see cases like this every day. They have the experience to impart wisdom to others in the claims process.

Hayley also draws attention to One Call’s extensive continuing education course offerings for claims professionals.

Nurse Case Managers’ Holistic View of Injured Workers Positively Impacts Claims

National Product Leader for Diagnostics Eric F. Patten shares his personal experience as a nurse case manager to demonstrate why it’s important to take a holistic approach to treating an injured worker with comorbidities.

“Today, we understand the importance of treating the injured worker holistically to improve return to work and decrease medical reserves.”

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