Reimagining the Care Coordination Experience

1 year ago

Reimagining the Care Coordination Experience

By Thomas Warsop, CEO at One Call

One Call is reimagining the future of care coordination for workers and their families by leveraging our more than 30 years of industry experience and redefining how our solutions can move people through their care journeys better than ever before. Like many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to take a hard look at our business – identifying what efficiencies could be made and what our role is in healing and supporting our collective workforce. We realized we had an opportunity to improve a system known to be wrought with inefficiencies and to extend our expertise to additional areas, both inside and outside workers’ compensation.

We focused efforts on implementing programs to prevent injuries through our Workforce Wellbeing solutions, and we also expanded our non-emergency medical transportation services to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, reducing barriers to care for a broad population. We developed new ways of reaching our clients and the people they serve through technology enhancements, often reducing the time it takes to get treatment. We improved internal workflows and systems to eliminate manual work on the part of our care coordinators, freeing them up to spend time doing what they do best – coordinating care.

To support this direction, we recently unveiled a new mission, brand narrative, values, logo, and color palette that boldly reflect where our company is today and where our company is headed, while reinforcing our unwavering commitment to getting people the care they need, when they need it.

We introduced a new tagline that embodies the soul of our company: Intelligent Care at Work.


As a member of the healthcare industry, we have to be smart and methodical, continuously learning and utilizing data to inform our decisions and to improve the experience for our stakeholders. Our leadership in the workers’ compensation industry is only possible because of our extensive knowledge about how to coordinate the care of injured workers, from their most common needs, such as physical therapy and transportation, to more advanced treatment options, such as complex claims and injury-specific solutions.

We know the claims process can be confusing and frustrating, and we help injured workers navigate this process by collaborating with their care team so they can remain focused on their recovery. Based on our experience with the claims process and specific research on how to improve it, we’re increasing our investments in training and technology to streamline communication with our stakeholders, improve workflows, avoid unnecessary costs, and improve overall care outcomes.


Injured workers and their families are at the heart of everything we do. At One Call, we believe in a holistic approach to care – going beyond the primary injury or source of pain to treat the whole person, digging deeper to have a complete understanding of the individuals we are serving.

We understand workplace injuries and recovery often result in emotional and financial stress on workers and their families. We keep these factors top-of-mind through on-going claims management by our talented care coordinators and through the utilization of data and technology to identify at-risk claims. By closely monitoring each claim and regularly communicating and collaborating with all members of the care team – provider, physician, payer, and care coordinator – the individual receives consistent messaging and a supportive and trusting environment.   

At Work.

Every member of the One Call team is committed to getting people the care they need, when they need it. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that nothing is set in stone. Every day, we make adjustments, using both our heads and our hearts, to improve workflows and provide exceptional care coordination for every individual.

We are continuously at work, setting new standards for how claims are managed and making ongoing investments in our technology capabilities and in the development of our human capital. Our dynamic team is at work for every injured person we serve, at work for our stakeholders, and at work reimagining the care coordination experience.

Watch the video below to learn more about who we are and where we are going.

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