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Real Results of RelayRIDE

2 years ago

Real Results of RelayRIDE

Active engagement can turn your patient “No Shows” into successfully scheduled appointments.

What’s the story?

The injured worker overslept – and would have missed his scheduled work conditioning appointment without One Call’s active intervention.

How did One Call help?


Real Results of RelayRIDE


The Result?

The patient was able to make it to their appointment!

About RelayRIDE

Real Results of RelayRIDEIn an exclusive partnership with Lyft Transportation, One Call provides on-demand, non-emergent sedan transportation featuring real-time trip monitoring* with automated alerts and active intervention through RelayRIDE. The RelayRIDE technology solution eliminates minimum mileage fees, wait time fees and rush fees, resulting in the average trip costing 40% less than traditional models for our customers. Our proprietary RelayRIDE technology is an enhancement to One Call's existing comprehensive transportation offering ensuring your injured workers get to their appointments reliably, safely and on time.

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*For rides fulfilled by Lyft. 

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