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Clinical Outcomes so Good, They’re GOLDEN

2 years ago

Clinical Outcomes so Good, They’re GOLDEN

We want to help patients obtain the right care at the right time for the right cost. Our Physical Therapy solution has enhanced clinical partnership through our Gold Standard Review program. Through this program, we are able to assist in the delivery of best-practices so workers’ compensation professionals can feel confident throughout the claim process.

Here’s how our Physical Therapy Gold Standard Review program works:

Real-time Clinical Partnership

When a claim is processed, we have a team of more than 80 licensed therapists who use proprietary, evidence-based clinical guidelines to evaluate any clinical needs associated with a claim. Systematic triggers – such as care expected to exceed anticipated guidelines – automatically sends the claim through our review process.

Collaborative Peer Reviews

Our on-staff licensed physical therapists complete a peer-to-peer review with the independent treating therapists to discuss the appropriate level and quality of care for the patient. Clinical reviews also help identify risk factors that may prolong or impede normal recovery, such as biopsychosocial indicators or co-morbidities. After the review, the case manager or adjuster is provided with a job-specific functional treatment plan. Upon approval of the new treatment plan, we coordinate the new orders and the revised recommendations for the patient’s care.

Evidence-based Best Practices

We utilize evidence-based medicine to direct the collaborative review process. Through evidence-based best practice guidelines, we are able to reduce unnecessary care by an average of six visits per referral.

We have the largest nationwide outcomes based provider network, resulting in cost savings for the adjusters and better care for patients. Our Physical Therapy Gold Standard Review program is just one way we are able to coordinate the right care at the right time, giving patients the best chance possible to get back to life and work.

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