The Future of Telehealth after COVID-19

2 years ago

The Future of Telehealth after COVID-19

A candid roundtable discussion with industry leaders debating the future of telehealth. 

With the arrival of COVID-19, telehealth has finally come of age. Like the new kid in school who struggled to make connections with a broader network of friends and bound by strict social controls, suddenly, telehealth has blossomed into the most popular kid by becoming an essential tool in the healthcare armament against the pandemic. 

Almost overnight, telehealth and telerehab providers reported an upswing in demand as key barriers to widespread telehealth usage vanished, including consumer awareness and physician and consumer acceptance.  

One Call’s telerehab program was created in 2017 but didn’t see widespread use until the onset of COVID-19 – experiencing a nearly 1,500% increase.  

As many communities begin to reopen and we enter a state of “new” normalcy, the question remains: are telehealth services here to stay or will the industry revert to its former position? 

To answer this question and many more, we invited industry thought leaders to sit around our virtual roundtable for a candid conversation about the future of telehealth in the workers’ compensation industry. 

Our panel of industry experts 

  • Linda Lane- President of Physical Therapy, One Call 
  • Dr. Teresa Bartlett – MD. Managing Director/ Senior Medical Officer, Sedgwick 
  • Melissa Burke – PharmD., Vice President, Head of Managed Care and Clinical, AmTrust Group 
  • Dr. Craig Uejo - MD, MPH, FACOEM, Medical Director - Occupational Health and Safety, Scripps Health
  • Dr.  Steve Wiesner – Former Chief, Occupational Health Department, Medical Director-Workers’ Compensation, Medical Director-Health Care Organization (HCO), Integrated Disability Management (IDM) Physician Advisor
Panel Discussion: Will COVID-19 be Telehealth's Tipping Point?
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