One Call’s RelayRIDE Transportation Service Celebrates Its One Millionth Ride

2 years ago

One Call’s RelayRIDE Transportation Service Celebrates Its One Millionth Ride

In the midst of COVID-19 disruption, the company hits an extraordinary milestone 

One Call, the nation’s leader in specialty network management services for the workers’ compensation industry, today announced its ridesharing service, RelayRIDE, hit an extraordinary milestone by providing its one millionth ride.

In partnership with Lyft, RelayRIDE was established in 2016 to provide the workers’ compensation industry with an innovative solution for an industry-wide problem – injured workers were missing too many healthcare appointments, thus delaying recovery and return-to-work. RelayRIDE provides injured workers with reliable transportation and the industry with features not available with traditional transportation – real-time monitoring and dispatching of back-up rides, as needed. Since the launch of RelayRIDE, One Call estimates it has saved customers more than $40M – a number generated by determining what these rides would cost if they had been conducted using traditional transportation.

One Call's RelayRide Transportation Service Celebrates One Millionth Ride


“RelayRIDE has surpassed all expectations,” said Will Smith, chief commercial officer at One Call. “This service has become a critical resource for our industry, as demonstrated by the sheer quantity of rides performed since inception. While we’re excited about hitting this milestone, we’re most proud of what it signifies – that’s a lot of lives we’ve positively impacted.” 

Injured workers aren’t the only ones represented in that number. In June 2019, One Call officially expanded RelayRIDE’s reach by incorporating it into veteran assistance programs. As a result, underserved veterans throughout the country now have reliable transportation to medical appointments, employment opportunities, and even essential trips like the grocery store. 

One Call announced RelayRIDE partnership with Patriot Services Group (2019)


“When we established RelayRIDE, we were focused on a solution for injured workers,” continued Smith. “As time passed, we realized this service has far-reaching capabilities. We’re helping injured workers, and we’ve started to help veterans, but we’ve just scratched the surface.” 

Now, at such an unsettling time for the country, One Call’s RelayRIDE service is going strong, providing safe, reliable transportation for its passengers. In partnership with Lyft, drivers are educated on following COVID-19-related protocols, such as wiping down seats and door handles after every ride, wearing masks and practicing strict physical distancing.

“It all comes down to helping patients, regardless of COVID-19 or any other disruption. We are dedicated to changing lives, and we will continue to evolve to safely accomplish that,” said Smith. “We’re excited about hitting one million rides, but we’re already looking forward to the next one million and the people, organizations and industries these milestones represent.”  

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