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One Call Prepares for Hurricane Dorian

We are currently tracking Hurricane Dorian and the potential threat it imposes on the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. While the eye of the catastrophic category five hurricane is expected to remain offshore, there is still a high degree of uncertainty around the track. The storm is expected to produce dangerous storm surges, heavy rains and high winds, all which could lead to flooding and power outages. We will continue to monitor the situation and address any impact by following our natural disaster efforts, as outlined below:

One Call’s Natural Disaster Efforts

Disaster Strikes

At the onset of an event, such as a hurricane, we will begin outreach to affected areas to confirm injured worker safety and determine any immediate needs. We focus first upon catastrophic cases within the region and those cases that need immediate and ongoing care, followed by care that does not require instant attention. We make every attempt to avoid any interruption to skilled care. We are already well underway in this effort and will continue until all appropriate impacted injured workers are accommodated.


In cases of home health or catastrophic care, we will work with the adjusters, the injured workers, and our home care agencies to execute alternative treatment plans, including securing any and all available resources required including providing transportation to move the injured worker if necessary.

For products and services which have an immediate need, we will make alternative shipping or delivery arrangements as best we can for the injured worker. This covers products such as DME required for ambulation, toileting, urological and wound care supplies, as well as IV medications when possible. Many of these products cannot be delayed, therefore we will ship overnight as necessary to ensure delivery without disruption. When necessary, we will also arrange for items to be shipped/delivered to a shelter or designated evacuation location.

For services such as Physical Therapy, Diagnostics and Dental that do not typically require immediate attention, we will work with the adjusters to provide transportation to connect injured workers with appropriate treatment facilities that are open and can accommodate our needs in a timely manner.

In all cases, updates are provided to the adjuster and case manager as frequently as possible.

Beyond Injured Workers

As a Florida-based company, we certainly relate to the distress and long-term recovery efforts that a natural disaster requires. If we foresee any impact to business operations, we will communicate to our customers, providers and employees immediately.


If you have any questions, please contact your local sales representative.

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