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One Call Reinforces the Importance of Early Engagement  with the Launch of Surgical Pathway

1 year ago

One Call Reinforces the Importance of Early Engagement with the Launch of Surgical Pathway

One Call, a leader in ancillary services for the workers’ compensation industry, today reinforced the importance of an early engagement approach for complex claims with the launch of Surgical PathwaySM. The program – designed to proactively assess, coordinate and communicate care for an injured worker prior to a surgical procedure – is the latest effort to set up injured workers for the best possible outcomes.

The program’s success relies upon proactive coordination once surgery is authorized or a utilization review determination is made, regardless if the surgeon has written a pre or post-operative order. In addition to the surgical procedure, another key component is the proactive assessment of an injured worker’s home environment and support system to determine if they can return home post-operatively or require placement in a rehabilitation setting. 

A designated contact, known as a Care NavigatorSM, coordinates care based on accepted evidence-based medical protocols, ACOEM and ODG guidelines. In addition, they identify any barriers to recovery and provide recommendations while maintaining active communication with all parties involved throughout the process.

Since launching as a pilot program in May 2018, more than 300 injured workers have gone through the program. The results are impressive:

  • The percentage of surgeries that are scheduled more than two weeks out has decreased by 38%
  • The average days to surgery has been reduced by 44% (23.6 days to 13.2 days)  
  • Surgical cases going through the program have an 11% shorter duration of care than similar cases not going through the program

“We’ve worked hard to reduce the time it takes to undergo surgery and eliminate delays throughout the continuum of care,” said Kevin Glennon, National Product Leader for Home Health & Complex Care, One Call. “Because of an early engagement approach, we’re seeing a reduction in medical and indemnity spend for our customers.”

Customers aren’t the only ones benefiting from this approach.

“The injured worker is the ultimate benefactor when it comes to Surgical PathwaySM,” continued Glennon. “The program works to eliminate the fear, stress and anxiety an injured worker experiences prior to surgery. This has led to optimal return-to-work timelines.”

Surgical PathwaySM joins One Call’s other CarePath programs – Amputation PathwaySM, Wound PathwaySM and Pain PathwaySM – all designed to incorporate early engagement in order to anticipate and coordinate an injured worker’s specific needs.

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