One Call Keeps Injured Workers Recovering with Telerehab during COVID-19

2 years ago

One Call Keeps Injured Workers Recovering with Telerehab during COVID-19

As we all try to navigate these uncertain times, we wanted to let you know that we have a program ready for your injured workers that eliminates delays in getting the physical therapy care they need, when they need it. This program is consistent with the guidance regarding social distancing as recommended by the Centers for Diseases Control (“CDC”) as a mitigant against COVID-19.

Since 2017, our telerehab program has been 100% remote – from initial evaluation on. Superior outcomes from licensed and accredited physical therapists are available Monday through Friday 6am to 10pm and pricing is equal to traditional physical therapy.

As we assess our network capabilities (which remain fully in-tact), we recognize that your injured workers may be reluctant to go to their physical therapy appointments. Therefore, we will automatically offer the option of our telerehab solution to any injured worker who expresses any concern about social distancing, COVID-19 or in-person rehabilitation since continuation of care is so critical. Of course, you can notify us at any time if you do not wish for us to make this change or if you wish to alter this arrangement in any way. 

Even without expressly voiced concerns from injured workers, we can start scheduling injured workers immediately, whether new referrals or those already in treatment at a facility. Just let us know when submitting your referral that you would like to schedule telerehab and we’ll take care of the rest. 

To ensure national coverage and no interruption of current treatment, many of our largest PT network providers have joined our direct offering and are coordinating with One Call to offer seamless remote solutions for injured workers already in treatment.  You’ll get the same high quality clinical oversight and administrative support from One Call on which you have come to rely.

For additional information about our telerehab program, take a look at our blog and demo.

For regular updates about One Call’s response to the COVID-19, please visit our pandemic resource page.

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