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One Call Highlights Women in Leadership,  As Demonstrated through Best-In-Class Physical Therapy Program

1 year ago

One Call Highlights Women in Leadership,  As Demonstrated through Best-In-Class Physical Therapy Program

Five female industry veterans continue to shape One Call’s most extensive, in-depth offering 

Recently, Risk & Insurance released an article that examines the effects of COVID-19 on the women of the workers’ compensation industry. In the midst of an unprecedented crisis impacting so many, One Call is responding to the needs of the industry, and its colleagues, by continuing to lean into its diverse workforce. Comprised of more than 75 percent women, One Call is driving innovation on a macro level to respond to the changing landscape brought on by COVID-19. A shining example is the leadership behind one of the industry’s most premier offerings – One Call’s physical therapy program. The team responsible for this offering is comprised of some of the company’s most accomplished executives, who also happen to be women.  

Since its inception, One Call’s physical therapy program has continually evolved to meet the needs of the industry. This robust solution is led by five industry veterans who consistently develop and refine it, as evidenced through the most recent extension, ergonomics

  • Michelle Despres, Vice President of Physical Therapy 
  • Kim Radcliffe, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations 
  • Tina Brletich, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Analytics 
  • Jill Hunter, Vice President of Product Management for Physical Therapy 
  • Linda Lane, President of Physical Therapy 

Led by Michelle Despres, One Call’s ergonomics program expanded over the last six months to meet the needs of a post-COVID remote workforce. The program extends One Call’s focus from post-injury offerings to consultative solutions designed to help employers prevent injuries from occurring and ready workers to return to new environments. The timely need for these types of resources was made even more evident when the program caught the attention of Good Morning America

“COVID-19 will continue to have a lasting impact on the workers’ compensation industry,” said One Call Chief Commercial Officer Will Smith. “We have listened to our customers and taken note on how we can leverage our capabilities to better support them, and employers, as they establish work from home standards for the rapidly increasing remote worker population. Adding consultative ergonomics to our physical therapy portfolio was a natural fit to address the unique health challenges associated with remote work, and I know we have the right leadership in place to drive it forward.” 

One Call’s physical therapy program is built on a set of pillars designed to provide a full-scale, comprehensive solution. When combined, these pillars – data-driven, patient-centric, clinical oversight, high quality provider network and early engagement – enable the team to move quickly to meet the needs of customers and injured workers alike. However, the team behind the pillars is the most crucial component to the program’s success. One Call’s physical therapy leadership team has more than 100 years of combined industry experience. 

“We are focused on providing a physical therapy program that incorporates relevant, data-proven solutions, led by top talent who intimately understand physical medicine, our multi-faceted customer base, and the injured workers we all serve,” said One Call CEO Tom Warsop. “Nothing we do is one size fits all. Each of these talented women, and the significant role they play, is vital to evolving our market-leading physical therapy program that supports in excess of 500,000 injured workers per year. Looking ahead, I anticipate One Call’s impact will significantly expand as this highly experienced, executive team drives physical medicine solutions tailored for today’s rapidly increasing remote workforce.”

As the industry gears up for National Physical Therapy Month in October, One Call is getting a jump-start by highlighting the significance of each key pillar of its program as explained by the women who oversee them. The campaign will kick-off in mid-September and culminate at the end of October with a roundtable webinar by the team.

“We are at a tipping point in our industry with regard to how healthcare is delivered,” said One Call President of Physical Therapy Linda Lane, a 25-year industry veteran who will be discussing the importance of patient-centricity as part of the campaign. “We are having a tremendous impact on the patients we serve during one of the most difficult of times for our industry. It is an honor to highlight our best-in-class program by drawing attention to the expertise and experience of the women executives behind it. I hope this initiative inspires other industry leaders to do the same.”  

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