One Call Establishes The One Call Foundation to Help Employees During Their Greatest Times of Need

2 years ago

One Call Establishes The One Call Foundation to Help Employees During Their Greatest Times of Need

A temporary fund to support COVID-19 furloughed employees becomes a permanent IRC 501(c)(3) foundation 

One Call, the nation’s leader in specialty network management services for the workers’ compensation industry, today announced the establishment of a non-profit charity – The One Call Foundation – to support the company’s more than 2,000 employees during their greatest times of need.

At the onset of COVID-19 in mid-March, One Call established a temporary fund that provided monthly stipends to its furloughed employees to get them through the hardest months of the pandemic. Since then, leaders of the company, including the board of directors, realized a much bigger opportunity to directly impact the company’s employees. 

The One Call Foundation ( was established to help employees year-round if, and when, they encounter a tragic life event – loss from a natural disaster, a family member suffering from a serious or fatal illness, or a car accident, for example. 

“Our company’s mission is, ‘Getting injured workers the care they need, when they need it,’” said CEO Thomas Warsop. “It’s time to apply that same mindset to get employees the care they need, when they need it.”


While One Call leaders and board members will be making their own monetary contributions to support the Foundation, the company is also encouraging employees to make donations as a way to band together and support each other. In addition, anyone positively affected by the work of a One Call employee is invited to contribute. One hundred percent of donations will directly benefit One Call employees.

“COVID-19 was a clear reminder that we rely on each other and need to take care of one another,” continued Warsop. “Contributing to the Foundation should be considered an act of paying it forward – you never know when that act of kindness could come back to benefit you.”

In order to receive funding, an employee will submit an application via an internal website that will launch in early August. Each request will then be confidentially reviewed and considered by The One Call Foundation committee who will make the ultimate decision regarding which cases are deemed as needing support, and how much. Employees will also be encouraged to nominate other team members whom they know are suffering from a life tragedy. 

“Sometimes life throws you a curve ball when you least expect it,” said Warsop. “Unfortunately, many of us will deal with some sort of tragedy in our lifetime. Whatever the case may be, we want our employees to know they are not alone. We are dedicated to helping them get through life’s toughest times.” 

About The One Call Foundation
The One Call Foundation is a charitable organization pending IRS 501(c)(3) status (the “Foundation”).  The Foundation’s objectives are to assist employees of One Call during times of extraordinary hardship. More information about The One Call Foundation can be found at The Foundation has submitted an application to the IRS to establish that it is an IRC 501(c)(3) organization. When issued by the IRS, the IRC 501(c)(3) determination letter will be retroactive to the date of incorporation of the Foundation. Provided that the IRS issues the determination letter, contributions made to the Foundation while its application is pending will qualify for the charitable contribution deduction.

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