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One Call Employee Honored as 2019 Technology Leader of the Year

1 year ago

One Call Employee Honored as 2019 Technology Leader of the Year

The Jacksonville Business Journal recently launched an award to honor role models in the Jacksonville tech industry who are helping their companies and the broader economy grow. Michael Bouchet, senior vice president of infrastructure and cloud at One Call, was honored for his achievements.

One Call Employee Honored as 2019 Technology Leader of the Year

We took a moment to ask Michael some questions about his role and achievements.

Can you describe your role at One Call?

I am responsible for the information technology infrastructure at One Call. This includes overseeing our network, data centers, telephony and desktop services. Additional responsibilities include ensuring our IT security is addressed across the entirety of One Call and leading the efforts on our cloud computing strategy. 

How does your role help to grow and shape One Call?

My role is two arms that work together. One arm squeezes all of the efficiency out of our existing technology investments to reduce business costs. The other drives technology direction and adoption to provide us with time to market on new capabilities.

What does it mean to you to be recognized as a 2019 Technology Leader of the Year?

This recognition isn’t just for me, it’s for my entire team. I moved to Jacksonville to join One Call two years ago to assist in transforming our technology approach and to further our digital transformation journey – none of this happens without my team. I am constantly encouraged and surprised at how much my team has risen to the challenge. Together, we pivot to new technological approaches to create a better user interface.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Hands down, my team. I am only as successful as the people who work for me, and I appreciate the passion they bring to everything we do.  

If you could give one piece of advice to other technology professionals looking to grow in their career, what would it be?

Never forget that transformation includes your people too. As technologists, we tend to focus heavily on the technology, but for any major transformation to be successful, the people must come first. 

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