One Call’s Clinical Insight Saves Customer More Than $68k

1 year ago

One Call’s Clinical Insight Saves Customer More Than $68k

One Call takes the complexity out of complex care — with one referral you have access to our full suite of products and services that provide a clinically driven, cost-effective approach to care; including our In-Patient Facilities SolutionsSM

  • Credentialed facilities
  • Timely admission
  • Clinical oversight
  • Bundled rates
  • Weekly medical updates to customers

Claims professionals look to One Call to provide best-in-class service, resources and the efficiencies they need to get injured workers back to work faster.

Don’t just take our word for it, discover how One Call saved a customer more than $68,000 and helped facilitate proper, timely treatment for an injured worker resulting in a complete recovery.

Case Study: Clinical Savings
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The Injury: 

A 69-year-old female, who works full-time in an emergency room stood up from her desk, turned and fell, resulting in a left hip fracture. Prior to her injury, she suffered from a myriad of comorbidities, which needed to be considered before surgery and recovery plans could be coordinated.

One Call’s Response: 

Following her surgery, the injured worker was well enough to leave the hospital, but not ready to go home. One Call secured her an appropriate rehabilitation facility, where she was able to meet her recovery goals and discharged home a week early with durable medical equipment and out-patient physical therapy.  

Continued clinical oversight allowed One Call to intervene and review a second prescription for out-patient physical therapy, resulting in a six-visit reduction. 

Through clinical oversight, out-patient physical therapy, durable medical equipment and hard-work from the injured worker, she attained a complete recovery from her fall. 

Clinical Savings 

One Call’s clinical approach provided important insights resulting in healthier outcomes for the injured worker and faster return-to-work time. In the end, the customer received a total clinical savings of $68,140 – cost breakdown below. 

Savings Made Simple: 

  • One Call Contracted Skilled Nursing Facility (versus Acute Care Center): $48,840
  • Early Discharge (Due to active monitoring): $16,800
  • Home Health (Determined unnecessary due to patient progress): $1,500
  • Out-Patient Physical Therapy (Clinical management): $1,000

One Call’s Complex Care solutions don’t just measure up, they STAND OUT. Together, we can get injured workers the care they need, when and where they need it.

Are you experiencing claims that are challenging, paid directly, escalating your cost or require recent hospitalization? We’d love to set up a time to answer your questions — we even review established cases to make sure all the care is still appropriate and help decrease costs. Submit a referral today.

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