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June Edition: Form Great Relationships

2 years ago

June Edition: Form Great Relationships

Did you know having healthy relationships in your life can create a sense of purpose? It can actually chemically combat stress and could even add years to your life. This month, we want you to learn how positive relationships affect you on many levels. Learn what type of friend you are by taking this quiz.

bOdy - Friendships Help Reduce Stress

June Edition: Form Great Relationships


Researchers believe friendships and good health are linked by the body’s ability to process stress. In fact, according to a study, the effect of a positive social relationship is equivalent to quitting smoking and has twice the impact as the health effects of exercising.



miNd - You Are Who You Associate With

June Edition: Form Great Relationships

Experts say being surrounded by folks you find inspiring will bring out the best in you. Below are some types of people you may want to cultivate relationships with:

• Someone with a positive outlook: This person works and plays equally hard, and everyone around them can feel their zest for life.
Someone who challenges you: These are the most powerful people in your network because they ask all the tough questions. This could be annoying at times, but they bring you to a level you would not have attained otherwise.
Genuinely GOOD people: These are the friends with big hearts who inspire us to simply strive to be a better person.

sElf - 3 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

June Edition: Form Great Relationships

Do you know your friendships can directly impact your self-esteem? A friend should make you feel good about yourself, but that may not always be the case. Below are three signs a friendship can be bad for your self-worth:

• Criticizes you constantly.
• Makes it all about themselves to the point where your opinions or input doesn’t matter.
• Calls you only when they need something; when you need something, they’re not around.

If you have a friend like this, you may want to re-evaluate whether you need to keep them in your life. 

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