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July Edition: The Power of Positivity

2 years ago

July Edition: The Power of Positivity

Did you know happy brains are more creative, quicker and more mentally alert? The physical and mental benefits of positive thinking have been proven to give you more confidence, improve moods and reduce the likelihood of developing stress-related disorders. This month’s One Call Cares encourages you to focus on the benefits positive thinking has on your body, mind and self!  


bOdy - A Daily Dose Of Positivi-Tea July Edition: The Power of Positivity

recent study found that people who had more positive overall moods were 58 percent more likely to live at least another five years! Injecting positivity into your normal daily activities can be as easy as reading a blog or listening to a podcast that makes you laugh during your lunch break.


miNd - 4 Tips To Achieve A Positive Mindset 

July Edition: The Power of Positivity

 1. Start the day with a positive affirmation – Talk to yourself and say ‘Today will be a good day!’
 2. Find humor in bad situations – Remember that the situation will probably make for a good story later.
 3. Turn failures into lessons – No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Instead of focusing on the failure, think about how to be better next time.
 4. Find positive friends, mentors and co-workers – surrounding yourself with positive people can provide more positive outlooks, stories and affirmations.


sElf - Don't Get Caught Up In The Cycle July Edition: The Power of Positivity

Self-esteem plays a large role in living a positive life. It can be all too easy to allow a negative event to spiral out of control leading to self-doubt and low self-esteem. Break the cycle by making a list of the achievements you’re most proud of and read it whenever doubt sets in.

Here are 10 more powerful ways to instantly boost your self-esteem!

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