One Call Announces Post COVID-19 Solutions to Foster Safe Reentry into the Workplace

2 years ago

One Call Announces Post COVID-19 Solutions to Foster Safe Reentry into the Workplace

Forward-thinking industry leaders Sedgwick and One Call 
to enhance offerings and create solutions for the future

One Call, the nation’s leader in specialty network management services for the workers’ compensation industry, along with Sedgwick, a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions, today announced post-COVID-19 programs to promote safety and injury prevention for employees reentering the workplace. 

At the onset of COVID-19, both companies focused on offering injured workers solutions, such as end-to-end virtual physical therapy to keep them on the path to recovery while practicing physical distancing. Alongside enabling injured workers to continue their care, One Call and Sedgwick are planning for post-COVID-19 needs, such as helping employers safely return employees back to the workplace. 

“Our country has never seen anything like this before,” said Thomas Warsop, CEO for One Call. “With so many moving parts and so much uncertainty, it’s important to have as many strategic, like-minded people putting their heads together as possible. We’re honored to join Sedgwick in these efforts to provide employers and employees alike with a well-thought-out, stress-free and safe return-to-work strategy.” 

One Call is providing solutions including at-home ergonomics and virtual, customized conditioning and strengthening programs to help workers, such as those with strenuous, physically demanding jobs, readapt to their job functions after an extended sedentary leave. These programs help to prevent injury in employees who are working from home for the first time by providing tips on everything from setting up a proper workstation to avoiding prolonged sitting.  

“Before the country even began to reopen, Sedgwick turned its attention to preparing employers for a successful transition back to business,” stated Andrea Buhl, managing director, clinical operations at Sedgwick. “One Call’s return-to-work expertise and their physical therapy approach aligns well with Sedgwick’s fit for work program, which includes virtual and in-person reconditioning.” 

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