New Year, New Webinars!

1 year ago

New Year, New Webinars!

Its finally here – 2021 – an opportunity for a fresh start and new possibilities. Start the year off right by registering for one of One Call’s upcoming webinars. This is a great opportunity to hear from industry experts about trending issues impacting workers’ compensation, while continuing your educational requirements and earning up to 17 free CE credits*!

Upcoming webinars include:

Collaboration: The Key to Successful PT Claim Outcomes

January 26 | 1 p.m. EDT - CLICK TO REGISTER

**Please note this is an informational webinar only and not eligible for CE credit.

Injured workers who start physical therNew Year, New Webinars!apy within three days of injury require 38 percent fewer PT visits – achieving the ultimate goal of returning to work and life quickly.

Facilitating treatment doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are many steps throughout the claim process: identify injury, submit referral, select provider, coordinate care, and process treatment records and paperwork. For this intricate process to run efficiently there must be trusted partnerships, open communication, and above all, collaboration amongst all parties. When true alignment occurs, the injured worker wins. 

Join us for a unique roundtable discussion about the PT claim process from various stakeholder viewpoints – provider, physician, payer and care coordinator. Get an inside look at how these parties collaborate to generate successful patient outcomes. 



  • Linda Lane, President of Physical Therapy, One Call


  • Provider: Brian Murphy, VP of Clinical Services, Results Physiotherapy
  • Physician: Dr. Craig Uejo - MD, MPH, FACOEM, Medical Director - Occupational Health and Safety, Scripps Health
  • Third Party Administrator/Payer: Julie Fischer, AVP of Medical Programs, ESIS
  • Care Coordination: Michelle Despres, VP of Physical Therapy, One Call


Exploring the World of Opioid Alternatives

January 27 | 1 p.m. EDT (NEW Modified Date)CLICK TO REGISTER 

New Year, New Webinars!

Following a workplace injury, an injured worker may be prescribed medication to manage chronic pain. Opioids are often the default prescription, but with the risk of misuse and addiction, are they the best solution? During this webinar, we will identify opioids that are commonly prescribed and covered by insurance and compare them to alternative medications with lower risk of side effects and dependency. We will also explore alternative pain management solutions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, massage, acupuncture, medicinal marijuana and supplements to determine how these treatments can support an injured worker through their recovery.

Presented by: Hayley Tidwell, BSN, RN, CCM, Director, Clinical Education

2021 Shepherd & Friends Virtual CE Seminar


New Year, New Webinars!One Call is proud to partner with the Shepherd Center for the annual Shepherd and Friends CE Seminar. This virtual conference gives participants the opportunity to earn up to 13 hours of credit!

One Call experts, Zack Craft, Michelle Despres, Kevin Glennon and Hayley Tidwell, will discuss timely topics such as wearable technology, benefits of acupuncture with physical therapy, ethics, and managing a multi-generational workforce.

You are invited to attend each of the 2-to 3-hour educational webinars offered over this six-day period. Please register for each day separately. Registering for one course doesn’t include automatic accrual of all 13 hours offered.


Ergonomics: Cumulative Trauma Hurts, Safety Doesn’t

February 24 | 1 p.m. EDT - CLICK TO REGISTER

New Year, New Webinars!

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, an ergonomic workspace is key to avoid injury. Discover common ergonomic risk factors and how they are associated with cumulative trauma disorders. The webinar will also provide therapists with injury prevention programs and resources designed to safely bring employees back to work following an extended absence.

Presented By: Michelle Despres, VP of Physical Therapy, PT, CEAS, CETS


Impact of Adding a Secondary Dental Claim

March 17 | 11 a.m. EDT - CLICK TO REGISTER

New Year, New Webinars!Dental care may not be top-of-mind following a workplace injury, but if not proactively managed, a secondary dental claim could arise and result in extensive treatment following the initial claim. This webinar will identify how a secondary dental claim can occur and address the medical necessity of dental treatment. The course will also discuss the costs associated with secondary dental claims and break down potential medical expenses.

Presented by: Leigh Kuhns, National Product Leader for Dental


Lifetime Cost for Prosthetics

April 14 | 11 a.m. EDT - CLICK TO REGISTER

New Year, New Webinars!Life is forever changed for the millions of Americans who have lost a limb due to disease or injury. While incredibly traumatic, amputees can regain some, if not all, function through the use of a well-crafted prosthetic – returning independence and a positive mental outlook. Discover what considerations are made when determining the style, frequency of replacement, and cumulative cost for maintaining a prosthesis.

Presented by: Jennifer McCarthy, CP, Clinical Review Manager


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*Eligibility may vary.

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