Michelle Despres on Good Morning America – Again!

1 year ago

Michelle Despres on Good Morning America – Again!

Michelle Despres, VP of Physical Therapy, has once again found herself in the national media spotlight! She previously spoke with Good Morning America about how to create an ergonomically correct workspace for employees working from home. This time, she is helping parents navigate remote learning by sharing best practices for their children’s physical wellbeing. 

Since many school districts and college campuses remain closed, students now rely on remote learning to fulfil their educational requirements. Many students don’t have a designated workspace in their home, leaving schoolwork to be completed on a bed, sofa or kitchen table. These makeshift workspaces can often lead to poor posture, weakened muscles, decreased circulation and scar tissue formation.

Watch the Good Morning America segment below to discover how parents can help their children prevent back, neck, and eye strain.

Important Tips to Remember:

  • If sitting, earlobes should be over the shoulders, which should be aligned over the hips.
  • If standing, earlobes should be over the knees, which should be aligned over the ankles.
  • Try not to slouch. Slouching overstretches muscles in the back and shortens muscles in the front. This can create an imbalance that causes fatigue and can ultimately lead to injury.
  • Elbows should be slightly higher than the keyboard.
  • Kids are used to having a lot of movement throughout their day. Schedule regular breaks and find creative ways to incorporate daily movement.

By implementing these tips, your child is sure to be on the best path for a safe, remote learning environment.

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Michelle Despres on Good Morning America – Again! 


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 Michelle Despres on Good Morning America – Again!

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