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Life Is A Balancing Act

2 years ago

Life Is A Balancing Act

In a recent study, the US ranked in the bottom 20% for work life balance. Over 60% of the full-time employees participating in the study stated they did not have a work life balance. Considering chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death, learning to achieve and maintain a positive work life balance is integral for our body, mind and self.

BODY: Are your priorities in order?
Life Is A Balancing Act

Health and fitness are easy to push to the bottom of the priority list after a long day at work. There are many ways to incorporate this into your current schedule, such as meal prepping or walking meetings. Prepping dinner meals for the week can turn your 1-hour cook time into a 20-minute meal. Host a walking meeting. Grab your meeting attendees and discuss your agenda through an office stroll. Not only do these meetings increase creative thinking they can also lead to higher productivity.

MIND: Refresh your mind in 1 minute or less. 

Life Is A Balancing Act

 1. Find a quiet place to meditate or listen to nature sounds.
 2. Watch a funny video clip or take a walk with a co-worker who makes you laugh.
 3. Refresh your mind and reset your body by practicing deep breathing.
 4. Bring mindful awareness to any muscle tension you may feel and massage your neck and shoulders.
 5. Dance like no one is watching to release tension and lift your spirits!


SELF: Take the challenge!
Life Is A Balancing Act

We know that stress affects our immune system and can cause a multitude of health problems. We’re here to help! We are challenging you to take the 30 Day De-Stress challenge with us.

We hope at the end of this next 30 days, our body, mind and self are a more relaxed, better version of ourselves.

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