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5 months ago

Learn from the Experts: Common PT Questions Answered

Education is essential for ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. We are committed to educating industry professionals through free, monthly CEU webinars and a frequently updated Patient Resources Portal.

Below, National Product Leader for Physical Therapy Michelle Despres gets us back to basics by answering some of the most commonly asked PT questions. Watch each short video to learn more.


When should a patient start PT?

Start PT as quickly as possible after a musculoskeletal injury to quicken the return-to-work timeline.


Should PT wait until after diagnostic testing?

It is preferable that a patient receives PT even while diagnostic results are pending as PT can begin to address certain aspects of an injury.


What does a typical PT visit look like?

Everything from length of appointment to addressing inflammation, Michelle covers it in this video.


How much PT is normal?

Different injuries call for more or less physical therapy visits. Michelle explains what is typical based on the injury.


Common PT acronyms

Acronym soup got you confused? Michelle breaks down the meaning of the most common PT acronyms.


When should a patient be discharged from PT?

Ideally, a patient is discharged from PT when they have hit their goals; however, Michelle explains a few other reasons this could happen.


Types of industrial programs available

Michelle covers the benefits of programs such as work hardening, ergonomic assessment, functional capacity evaluation and post-offer employment testing. 

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