Kim Kuss Becomes Inaugural Brent Haines Award Winner

3 months ago

Kim Kuss Becomes Inaugural Brent Haines Award Winner

While attending One Call’s National Sales Conference in March, Client Services Account Manager Kim Kuss said she could feel the presence of former colleague, Brent Haines.

“Brent played such an important role on our team. We had each other’s phone numbers on speed dial, and we worked very closely up until his passing last year. When I got to the conference, I could feel Brent’s presence and spent some time reflecting on him; I also said a prayer to let him know I was thinking of him,” Kim said.

Moments later, to Kim’s surprise, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Will Smith announced Kim as the first recipient of the Brent Haines Award.

“I was shocked. I don’t know what came over me, but I was shaking as I walked up to the stage. It was like winning a Grammy. To be described in the same way that many people spoke about Brent, it was very humbling. I’m still in awe.”

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Will Smith announces the winner of the first-ever Brent Haines Award.

Although Kim may have been shocked by the announcement, many of her colleagues and leaders were not.

“It was critical that the first recipient of this award be someone as equally passionate about the work we do and as beloved by their peers as Brent,” said Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Will Smith. “The recipient had to embody the constant desire to go above and beyond for both our clients and their peers. Kim was a clear standout from the beginning. Her commitment to our clients and delivery of service excellence is who she is, and who Brent will always be to us. Based on the standing ovation she received at the sales conference, it’s obvious her colleagues agree.”

Kim Kuss Becomes Inaugural Brent Haines Award Winner
Brent Haines

For most of his 26 years at One Call, Brent Haines led the sales team in the western region. He dedicated himself to making sure our clients and injured workers were getting the care and service they deserved. Brent passed away on May 13, 2021, after fighting a long battle with cancer.

“I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know Brent was ill until the very end. He was so committed to serving our clients, and he followed through with that commitment,” Kim added.

“Brent was one of those people who lived his professional and personal lives to the fullest. He was passionate about his work and said it was one of the things that kept him going for so long,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Terri Lewis.

And since Brent exceeded expectations at One Call, the leadership team knew they needed to honor his legacy.

“We wanted to create something that would commemorate Brent forever, so we established the Brent Haines Award,” said Terri.  “It’s an annual award given to a sales colleague who truly exemplifies the qualities Brent embodied every single day: commitment, tenacity, passion, and a willingness to go above and beyond for their clients, company, and team.”

When it came to naming the first recipient of the Brent Haines Award, a cross-functional panel of colleagues decided Kim Kuss would be the inaugural winner.

“I was at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina, a few weeks ago, and several people came up to me saying ‘I heard Kim Kuss won your Brent Haines Award. There is not a more deserving person.’ And these people did not work for One Call, but they knew who Kim was. So that just reinforced for me just how impactful her work is within our industry.”

Kim started with One Call’s Growth team in 2003 and worked her way up to becoming the first client services account manager. In her role, Kim is the primary contact for clients at the desk level for small and mid-market accounts. She spends much of her time establishing strong relationships with adjusters and nurse case managers to help increase referrals and ultimately, drive revenue.

Words From Kim’s Colleagues

“Kim continuously receives emails from clients raving about her dedication and hard work. She embodies the Brent Haines Award in every way.” – Frank Fredryk

“Over the last year, I have seen numerous examples of how Kim’s thoughtful and considerate approach has fostered client relationships in a way that keeps them coming back to One Call.” – Jennifer Cesaro

“She has, on many occasions, gone above and beyond to assure our clients and injured workers know we’re working to Deliver Awe.” – Rod Schwegmann

Kim Kuss Becomes Inaugural Brent Haines Award Winner

Kim Kuss (center) accepting the inaugural Brent Haines Award at One Call's National Sales Conference.
Pictured left to right: Sara Mulick, Will Smith, Terri Lewis, Thomas Warsop, Steven Davis, Kim Kuss, Jay Krueger, Paul Dascoli, Kent Spafford, and Jeff Flanegin

Kudos to Kim!

One Call congratulates Kim on becoming the inaugural recipient of the Brent Haines Award. Like Brent, her passion and dedication are felt by her colleagues, clients, and injured workers every single day.

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