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11 months ago

One Call Celebrates the Journeys of Injured Workers by Launching Injured to Empowered

Today we announce Injured to Empowered, a celebration of injured workers who have risen above their injuries.

An injured worker’s road to recovery is multi-faceted. It takes the right care, a strong support system and a positive attitude to return them to work and life. One Call, along with its partners, plays a vital role in these journeys by providing the right care at the right time. This leads to the best possible outcomes for injured workers.

Injured to Empowered reinforces our commitment to patient-centricity,” said One Call CEO Rone Baldwin. “At the heart of everything we do is an individual who needs our support to return, as close as possible, to the life they love.”

The campaign kicks off during Limb Loss Awareness month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of amputees, with Bobby’s story. Bobby is a 27-year-old upper limb amputee who, just five months post-injury, is determined to get back to the things he loves to do, such as riding his motorcycle and working on his car. With the help of his prostheses, he is well on his way.

Bobby was injured while on the job,           

“Bobby’s story is a true testament to the resilience and adaptability of human beings,” said Baldwin. “He has embraced his new normal with vigor and is an inspiration to injured workers everywhere.”

By highlighting injured workers who are thriving, Injured to Empowered is a reminder to the workers’ compensation industry of the life-changing work we are privileged to be a part of every day.

Read Bobby’s full story on the Injured to Empowered webpage,, and visit often for the latest success stories.

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