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Harriet’s Journey Home

2 years ago

Harriet’s Journey Home

As Harriet’s journey comes to a close, let’s travel back to see just how far she has come.

We first met Harriet when she was working as an airline baggage handler. She had just experienced a worksite injury where she was pinned between a baggage cart and the luggage ramp. We followed her through her hospital stay where she was transferred to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). In our last encounter with Harriet, she was finishing her last days in the SNF.

Harriet has now been discharged from SNF with orders for a home health program supported by high-touch nurses and specialists. At home, her pressure ulcer heals within four weeks due to a wound vac and antibiotic treatment.

While Harriet has returned home, she is still attending regular appointments with her physician until her symptoms improve enough for her to return to work. Thanks to RelayRIDE, Harriet has convenient, reliable transportation to and from her appointments.

Harriet is also receiving physical therapy for six weeks to help regain full function of her hips and legs. As she progresses, she graduates from a wheelchair to a walker, and eventually to a cane.

After physical therapy is complete, she is seen by a neurosurgeon who recommends a functional capacity evaluation (FCE). The FCE shows that Harriet has decreased ability to stand or sit for long periods. It also shows she has limited bending capacity due to nerve pain. The results are delivered to her physician who recommends restricted work duty.  

Harriett is able to return to work in an administrative role where she is able to sit or stand as often as needed. While she is adjusting to her new normal, she is happy her journey has landed her back at work with a company, culture and group of people who make her feel fulfilled professionally every day.

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