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Harriet’s Journey Continues: Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

2 years ago

Harriet’s Journey Continues: Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

When we last saw Harriet, she was transported via med-flight to a level 1 trauma center. Let’s see what’s going on now…

Harriet is assessed in the emergency room where she is stabilized, undergoes an ultrasound which reveals massive bleeding in the pelvis region. Her x-rays reveal an open book fracture with fragments and a right femoral head fracture. Harriet is immediately sent upstairs to the operating room. She undergoes repair of the major blood vessels, ligaments and stabilization of her pelvis, along with an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of her right femoral head. Post-operatively, while in the recovery, her respirations decrease, she complains of chest pain and is sent for MRI. The MRI reveals a pulmonary embolism which is treated and she is placed on ventilator support during this time.

Harriett remains inpatient in the ICU for eight days secondary to a hard time weaning her from the vent. During her stay in the ICU and secondary to a decrease in mobility as well as unmanaged type 2 diabetes, she develops stage 3 pressure wounds. Harriett is eventually weaned from the vent and is screened by a local skilled nursing facility (SNF).

Harriet is accepted for admission by a local SNF for an initial seven-day rehab stay. Harriet is transported from the hospital by BLS ambulance to the SNF.

As you can see, Harriet is facing many challenges as a result of not only her workplace injury but also from her unmanaged diabetes. Comorbidities often complicate the healing process and can murky the waters when it comes to determining compensability of claims.

Tune in next time as we take a peek at Harriet’s time in the skilled nursing facility.

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