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Harriet Continues Her Journey to a Skilled Nursing Facility

2 years ago

Harriet Continues Her Journey to a Skilled Nursing Facility

We’ve been following Harriet on her road to recovery. In part one of her journey, we discovered she’s an airline baggage handler who got hurt on the job. In part two, we learned her injury landed her in the hospital and then a skilled nursing facility (SNF).

Let’s see how Harriet is doing post-admittance… 

At the SNF, Harriet is experiencing a lot of radiating pain in her right hip, lower back and pelvic region, which she rates a nine out of 10. To help with pain management, her physician prescribes an oxycodone dosage of 10mg, twice a day for 30 days. The medicine reduces her pain to a two out of 10.

While in the SNF, Harriet remains catheterized due to urinary incontinence. She also has an in-dwelling peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line placed to deliver antibiotic treatment for the pressure ulcer she’s experiencing.

Although Harriet is healing, it’s happening at a slow pace due to years of uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.

Eventually, Harriet heals well enough to be discharged with home health care, a wound VAC to monitor her pressure ulcer, a wheelchair, and a walker to help her move around. Harriet is hopeful as she rides home in the basic life support ambulance.

Where will Harriet’s home health care journey take her? Tune in next time to see where she’s at on her road to recovery.

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