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Experience Matters

1 year ago

Experience Matters

The following article was featured in WorkCompWire on April 8.

Think back to a time that you experienced good customer service. You ordered a product or service, and that product or service arrived on time, the provider was professional and the product or service was exactly as you ordered. In addition to these elements, the professional acted in a pleasant, albeit expected, manner; this is the basic service model. All too often companies strive to achieve the basic service model when they should be working to exceed expectations and delight their customers.

Meeting or exceeding service expectations one time may not be difficult and, in fact, some consider it easy. However, consistently exceeding service expectations requires a commitment to customer service and a desire to ensure that each interaction exceeds all expectations. It is not just about anticipating and meeting needs, it is about delivering the unexpected and truly delighting customers in a way that is unique and thoughtful. It is in these circumstances that an experience becomes memorable.

At the onset of 2019, One Call announced its renewed focus on the One Call Experience. It defined the experience through the different lenses of key stakeholders:

  • Patients
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Providers

One Call is keenly aware of the different needs of each of these groups and believes in tailoring service delivery models that exceed the expectations of all. One Call is laser focused on delivering consistent delightful service in every interaction. There is much work to be done to meet the high standards we have set for ourselves. We have already implemented programs that are reaping promising results.

For example, we extended our One Call® CarePath™ offering with the introduction of our Pain PathwaySM in February. This is the third pathway under the CarePath™ umbrella that also includes Wound PathwaySM and Amputation PathwaySM. This revolutionary approach to care coordination puts the injured worker at the center of the process.

By shifting to an injured worker-centric approach, resources are directed to finding integrated solutions for the best possible clinical outcome. Care Navigators are assigned to holistically view each patient’s circumstance and coordinate individualized care based on the injury with qualified, independent providers. This results in a better experience for the injured worker as well as the adjuster, nurse case manager and provider. The integrated approach helps connect the dots of complex cases and helps to improve time to return to work.

We continue to identify and develop programs to enhance service delivery for employees through training and development opportunities. We have already migrated many customers onto our integrated technology platform, Polaris, which will dramatically improve the customer experience through improved communication and efficiencies. Finally, our providers remain at the core of our success. We continue to nurture our provider networks and improve processes where necessary.

One Call is committed to delighting all of our key constituents. We realize that with great service, everyone wins.

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