Enhanced Processes and Technology: Getting People the Care They Need, When They Need It

1 year ago

Enhanced Processes and Technology: Getting People the Care They Need, When They Need It

When it comes to health care, each person has their own journey that comprises a unique set of health needs throughout their working years and beyond. Getting exceptional care coordination to meet these needs is imperative to providing the best quality of life for America’s workers and their families. 

Therefore, reimagining the future of care coordination for workers and their families is timely and necessary. Innovative technology, matched with efficient workflows, translates to an enhanced experience for claims professionals – making it easier for them and the individuals receiving care. 

We are closely examining every step of the care coordination process; from the moment an individual is injured, until they can return to work and everyday life. One Call is creating solutions to move people through their care journeys better than ever before. Enabling service through seamless connectivity and Intelligent Self-service capabilities, coupled with improved communication, we are making the process more predictive, more responsive, and easier to understand and navigate. 

 Armed with new processes and technology improvements, we are: 

  • Creating better experiences for both claims professionals and people injured at work. Getting involved earlier in the referral process, connecting with both physicians and providers to remove bottlenecks.  
  • Leveraging our expertise and analytics to unlock insights to ease the burdens of a cumbersome process and set in motion solutions that enable optimal experiences for all stakeholders. 
  • Updating the ways our people interact with clients, based on the dynamics of each person’s unique situation. 

The people we serve matter to us. We have carefully evaluated client feedback and we are leveraging those insights to save the people we serve time and money. One of our recent technology enhancements includes email notifications that provide claims professionals with a single view of a claim and allow Intelligent Self-service features. Improved communication with injured workers includes text message appointment reminders. Through these and other enhancements, we enable indemnity savings and quicker return-to-work times. 

We are living the One Call brand promise and we intend to fulfill our mission with compassion, expertise, and intelligence. These enhancements mean we get to spend more time doing what we are passionate about – creating customized care plans for the people we serve. 

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