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Empowering Injured Workers with Knowledge

1 year ago

Empowering Injured Workers with Knowledge

As an industry leader, one of the ways we serve injured workers is by empowering them to play an active role in their recovery process. Our newly launched Patient Resources portal provides injured workers, and the nurse case managers and adjusters who support them, with the necessary tools and resources to stay educated and focused on the end goal – regaining health and returning to work and life.

Medical appointments can cause stress and uncertainty for injured workers. The goal of this portal is to ease the stress of the unknown by providing answers to common questions such as,  “How long will the appointment last?” and “What should I wear?” Less stress equals better recovery!

The portal includes 10 Know Before You Go educational resources focused on physical therapy and diagnostic-related appointments:

We are committed to patient-centric healthcare. Stay tuned for the release of additional educational resources across our full-suite of products and services.

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