Early Engagement: The First Step to a Comprehensive Physical Therapy Program

1 year ago

Early Engagement: The First Step to a Comprehensive Physical Therapy Program

A message from One Call Vice President of Physical Therapy Michelle Despres, PT, CEAS II, CETS

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Every year the industry celebrates National Physical Therapy Month in October. This year, we’ve decided to kick off the festivities a few weeks early by rolling back the curtain on the five key pillars of our best-in-class PT program –early engagement, clinical oversight, data driven, high-quality provider network and patient-centricity. 

For my part, I have highlighted the importance of engaging early with injured workers, and the results speak for themselves. We have found that injured workers who start physical therapy within three days of injury require 38 percent fewer PT visits to achieve successful outcomes.

This approach is truly changing lives – I encourage you to take a moment to view my short video message to learn more: 

Michelle Despres Discusses the Importance of Early Engagement
for a Comprehensive Physical Therapy Program

From now until the end of October, you will also hear from four of my experienced colleagues who will share how their areas of expertise support injured worker recovery. And did I mention, all five of us are women? Yes, One Call’s PT program is led by five female leaders with more than 100 years of combined industry experience! I am so honored to be a part of this team.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your injured workers. Together, we will get them the care they need, so they can return to work AND LIFE.  

For more information about our early engagement approach, or our PT program in general, please feel free to contact me at michelle_despres@onecallcm.com.  

Michelle Despres


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