During Trying Times, Injured Worker Determination Inspires Us to Keep Moving Forward

6 months ago

During Trying Times, Injured Worker Determination Inspires Us to Keep Moving Forward

Over the past 20 months, the workers' compensation industry has faced unprecedented challenges. From the way we do business to workforce changes that affect our business, like the Great Resignation – the industry is experiencing a tectonic shift.

But rather than spend time feeling fatigued by it all, we need to remember our industry's vital role in the workforce and use it to recharge as we head into 2022. For inspiration, look no further than the people we serve every day – injured workers who lead full lives because of personal determination, skilled providers, and supportive adjusters, nurse case managers, and care coordinators.

Billy Parker, also known as Billy P., is a prime example of an injured worker whose life post-injury is a testament to our industry's incredible impact. In early 2007, Billy P., a welder and fabricator for more than 21 years, was asked to clean a drywall shredder while at work. He had observed others cleaning the machine while still operating it and never thought to hit the ‘off' switch – a decision that would change his life forever. Within seconds, the machine pulled him in, resulting in the loss of both his arms above the elbow.

He spent 18 days in the hospital thinking about what life would look like moving forward – simple things like bathing, dressing, preparing food, or even hugging loved ones, would never be the same. But, with determination, positivity, and a dedicated team behind him, Billy P. found a way forward.

One Call continues to coordinate Billy's prosthetic needs – maintaining eight wrists, eight electric terminal devices (ETDs), two sets of body-powered devices, one set of i-limb hands, and one set of myoelectric sockets.

These devices have enabled Billy P. to relearn how to do just about everything, including fishing, playing pool, and even welding. If you ask Billy today, he will tell you, without hesitation, that he lives a ‘normal,' fulfilled life. And if you need any proof of just how well he is doing, look no further than his YouTube channel where he helps other amputees navigate daily life by demonstrating how to perform tasks such as opening a wine bottle, peeling an apple, and fixing a lawn mower.

Most noteworthy of all, since his injury, Billy P. has started his own business, Lending A Hand, LLC, where he travels around the country educating employers and workers about workplace safety. According to Billy P, he has led 206 safety presentations for companies like Ashland Chemical and UPS.

Our team had the great honor of meeting Billy P. at our 2020 national sales conference where he shared his personal journey with us. He has become an inspiration for all of us – from our CEO to our care coordinators – and is a constant reminder of how far positivity, perseverance, and determination can carry you.

If you are struggling right now, in a changed world and industry, gain inspiration from the injured workers we help every day, like Billy P. Take a moment to think about – really think about – everything they've had to overcome. When viewed from that perspective, it's a lot easier to take steps forward in our current environment, because if Billy P. can successfully move forward after everything he went through, SO CAN WE.

This article originally appeared on WorkersCompensation.com.

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