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Doing Good Does You Good. 

2 years ago

Doing Good Does You Good. 

The saying goes, “It’s better to give than to receive.” A recent study done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) may prove this old adage to be true! Giving back has been shown to reduce stress and improve moods, which in the long-term, can prolong lifespan.
We took this advice to heart in 2018 by launching our corporate charity program, One Call Gives. We spent the last year providing employees with monthly opportunities to give back throughout their communities. The year culminated with the Kids’ Chance of Florida One Call Scholarship, an employee-funded college scholarship for children of seriously or fatally injured workers in our home state of Florida. In its' inaugural year, our employees made us proud by raising more than $12,000! We’re excited to continue this initiative for years to come.
As we wrap-up 2018, we hope you find meaningful ways to give this holiday season that will provide your mind, body and self a positive boost going into 2019.

bOdy - Give a Smile

Doing Good Does You Good. 

One of the simplest things you can give is a smile. Go into the new year with a new perspective on smiling by trying the five feet method:

If someone is within five feet of you, smile at them. You’ll be surprised at how contagious it is!


miNd- All the Feels

Doing Good Does You Good. 

Researchers from NIH found that the act of giving stimulates the brain’s reward center and releases endorphins that create the “helper’s high.”
Keep your mind happy this season by trying some of these non-monetary ways to give.


sElf - Make it Personal

Doing Good Does You Good.  

One way to give back is to find a cause that informally helps loved ones. Research shows that if someone is personally connected to a cause, participating in these activities can lead to greater self-esteem and sense of purpose.

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