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Gain Insight with an Age of Injury Report

2 years ago

Gain Insight with an Age of Injury Report

As a workers’ compensation healthcare solutions company, One Call strives to help customers consider and evaluate the most appropriate care possible for the injured workers they serve. In terms of diagnostics, that means providing solutions to the claims professional community that enable appropriate and efficient adjudication. An Age of Injury report is one example of a tool that can help an adjuster better understand the patient injury and provide needed clarity around causation.

One Call's Independent Age of Injury Report 


What is Age of Injury?

Age of Injury is a correlation of findings related to the review of images and medical reports. A radiologist will attempt to tie the medical results to a specific timeframe and draw a clinical conclusion as to whether the findings described relate to the injury. These reports can be requested by asking the original reading radiologist to include comments of aging in the medical report or by performing an independent Age of Injury review.

Comments of Aging vs. Independent Age of Injury

Comments of Aging are provided by the original reading radiologist, while helpful, it often fails to include meaningful determinations and causation. It is the reading radiologist’s job to address the injury by helping the physician treat the injured worker. Comments of Aging have demonstrated extremely low rates of meaningful determination.

An Independent Age of Injury report is an objective, independent report completed by a skilled radiologist who critically examines the diagnostic images and corresponding medical report. This independent report can specifically address timing, thus determining whether the injury was workplace related or pre-existing.

One Call’s Independent Age of Injury Program

As a benefit to our customers, One Call offers an Independent Age of Injury reporting program that ensures the highest rate of determination. In fact, 91 percent of all independent reports provided by One Call’s program have delivered meaningful determinations and 50 percent proved the injury was actually chronic in nature. These reports become actionable claims management tools that establish a baseline for exacerbated injuries and may be utilized for a Major Contributing Cause Letter or apportionment in certain states.

How Does One Call’s Program Work?

Our team sends medical images and reports to an independent, best-in-class radiology partner to provide a clear determination of findings (acute, chronic, indeterminate) and a clinical analysis in a concise and simple format.

When to Consider an Age of Injury Report

Age of Injury reports can be requested for any patient undergoing diagnostic testing; however, when certain conditions are present, a report is strongly recommended:

Gain Insight with an Age of Injury Report


In Summary

Through our independent Age of Injury program, our team supports claims professionals with objective reports to effectively manage claims.


Ready to discover how an Age of Injury report can be an invaluable tool for you? Contact us at to learn how to submit a claim.

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