A Year in Review: 10 Impactful Moments from 2021

4 months ago

A Year in Review: 10 Impactful Moments from 2021

The New Year is a unique opportunity to make plans for the future and reflect on the past. As we conclude 2021, we take a moment to appreciate our impact. From employees to clients to injured workers, here are 10 moments from 2021 that best represent One Call’s life-changing work.  

1) Coordinated Care for Nearly One Million Injured Workers  

In 2021, we coordinated care for nearly one million injured workers, in partnership with adjusters, nurse case managers, and our provider network.  

While some injured workers need our services for just a few weeks, others with more complex injuries rely on us for years or even a lifetime. Our care coordinators often develop close bonds with these injured workers, getting to know and anticipate their every need.

One Call prosthetic specialist Robin Hurst has this type of relationship with Billy P., a bilateral amputee.  Robin has been coordinating Billy’s prosthetic repairs and replacements since 2014. She understands that without them, Billy would not be able to live life to the fullest. Read the full story of Billy P. Amputee.  

2) Helped Colleagues Through a Difficult Time  

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that sometimes life throws us a curveball when we least expect it. In response, we created The One Call Foundation to assist colleagues through difficult life events.  

In 2021, the foundation provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee grants to help cover medical bills, housing assistance, and much more. More than 2,400 colleagues are the heartbeat of our organization – we are honored to support them during their time of need. 

3) Provided 36 FREE CE Credits 

One Call University, our in-house education department, provides workers’ compensation professionals with free CE credits through webinars and multi-day virtual seminars. This year we hosted 11 national webinars and two multi-day seminars, giving participants the chance to earn up to 36 free CE credits. 

We encourage you to take advantage of this great resource by registering for upcoming 2022 webinars and signing up for One Call University’s newsletter

4) Unveiled a Refreshed Brand Identity  

For more than 30 years, One Call has been a leader in the workers’ compensation industry. Earlier this year, we unveiled a refreshed brand identity inclusive of a modernized color palate, logo, and tagline – Intelligent Care at Work. Our brand refresh was a great opportunity to reinforce our commitment to get injured workers the care they need when they need it.

 A Year in Review: 10 Impactful Moments from 2021

5) Expanded Physical Therapy Solution to Include Mobile PT 

To create better access to care, we expanded our suite of physical therapy solutions to include mobile PT.  

“We are quite literally bringing the clinic to the injured worker,” said Michelle Despres, vice president of physical therapy. “Injured workers receive all the benefits of a traditional brick-and-mortar setting with the flexibility of early morning and evening appointments that are performed at home or another convenient location.” 

At the launch of this new product offering, mobile PT was available in 31 metropolitan markets across the country, with plans to increase to 51 markets by early 2022.  

6) Utilized Technology to Enhance the Care Journey  

Over the last few decades, the role of technology in facilitating exceptional healthcare has steadily increased. This year, we took a hard look at how we could utilize technology to create a more streamlined, personalized healthcare journey, with enhancements that included:  

  • Text messaging to more efficiently schedule, confirm, and reschedule injured worker appointments   
  • Connectivity to quickly and securely exchange medical documentation between clients and providers on behalf of the injured worker 

Case Study: Hurricane Ida 
These technology enhancements were put to the test during Hurricane Ida. Through a variety of channels, we communicated with injured workers to determine whether they would be evacuating or sheltering-in-place. From there, we were able to make informed decisions, such as shipping an advanced surplus of supplies or sourcing new provider services in alternate locations. 

These technology integrations, along with our proactive approach, helped to ensure care wasn’t interrupted for injured workers impacted by the storm. 

7) Shifted from Home Modifications to Home Accessibility  

When it comes to helping injured workers regain independence after suffering a catastrophic injury, historically, the workers’ compensation industry has focused its energy on home modifications that include extensive, permanent changes. 

While well-intended, these modifications are often costly and time intensive, which can create stress and anxiety for the injured worker and their family. Our team set out to challenge this mindset by shifting our focus from home modifications to home accessibility.  

Learn more about the benefits of home accessibility, ranging from reduced costs for labor and building supplies, increased convenience for members of the household, and improved home resell value.  

8) Took the Complexity out of Complex Care   

As the healthcare industry continues to experience challenges – from nursing shortages, supply chain delays, and increased demand – we continue to leverage our comprehensive core solutions to meet the needs of clients and injured workers.  From there, we layered on three specialty programs that help to alleviate work for adjusters and nurse case managers, contain claim costs, and streamline the care journey for injured workers: 

Learn more about how our Home Health & Complex Care solution can benefit you:  

9) Helped Compile High-Quality PT Research in One Place   

In 2018, more than 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries resulted in a cost of $170.8 billion and 105 million days of lost work. This data prompted 12 physical therapists, including One Call VP of Physical Therapy, Michelle Despres, PT, CEAS II, REAS, CETS, to review 20 years of research, compiling the very best resources that outline delayed return-to-work risk factors and ways to mitigate them.  

In August 2021, a 102-page document was published – Clinical Guidance to Optimize Work Participation After Injury or Illness: The Role of Physical Therapists – in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, the journal of the largest academy of the APTA, the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (AOPT). These PT clinical guidelines bring together the highest quality research in one place, available for reference by anyone, at any time. Click to learn more

10) Identified Opportunities for Better Processes with Lean Methodology Research  

In this first-ever study applying Lean methodology to the workers’ compensation industry, One Call’s Omar Taha, senior director of continuous improvement and doctoral candidate in systems engineering at The George Washington University, identified how this methodology can remove inefficiencies, leading to accelerated injured worker recovery, reduced administrative burden on healthcare providers, and improved claim costs.  

His research titled, “Uncovering inefficiencies in the workers’ compensation industry using Lean methodology,” was published in The TQM Journal and is a critical tool in identifying and quantifying continuous improvement opportunities for the industry. Click to learn more.  

Despite another year of pandemic-related challenges, there are many milestones to celebrate. From creating better ways to serve our employees, clients, and injured workers to providing the industry at-large with research, PT guidelines, and educational opportunities, we are committed to bridging gaps and streamlining processes in claims management.  

We look forward to supporting and positioning all of our partners for success in 2022.  

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